The Storm-forged and the Undying

Date: 6/16/2014 at 1:49
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Storm-forged and the Undying

A few months have passed with mortals chipping away at the petrified essence of the fallen diabolus, Zaimael, and the remaining entities appear to now be more curious about that power which remains in the stone. Nyrohi, the Undying, diabolus of the Sect of Jackals sent a pair of her beloved canines to investigate the remnants further, their young pup tagging along to learn one of the many services that will one day be expected of it. This attention soon drew a crowd of mortals and other entities alike. Among those were Kanthari, Verexa, Caelya, and Glossviel of the Sect of Jackals; Sarrius, Lalitana, Larkin, Airamaya, Khizan, Cordilia and Veratyr from the Sect of Storms; Ryac and Trist from the Sect of Conquest; and Ultrix who hails from Antioch. It wasn't long before the attention of Xuli, the Storm-forged was drawn to the statue as well, which set the jackals on the offensive as she declared the statue to be hers alone. Unimpressed by the small force of creatures before her, she struck out at them, quickly laying the adults low, and gravely injuring the newly orphaned pup.

Enraged by the deaths of her beloved companions, the Undying came forth with a fury that could not be stopped, attacking the ascendari with a vengeance unlike any seen from an entity before. Though each gained and lost ground, the Undying scored a shattering blow against the Storm-forged, temporarily shattering her mantle of storms. Xuli then in turn overpowered Nyrohi with sandstorms, forcing the diabolus to place more ground between the two.

Just as the battle appeared to reach its most interesting point, a shudder passed over the Undying as the final jackal, the small pup that she had sent forth to learn and grow, lost its touch with life and passed from this world. The uproar that followed was deafening as the remaining pack cried out in anger and anguish, their calls matched by the diabolus' screams. Vowing that their battle had not yet ended, Nyrohi gathered the pup in her arms, vanishing into the cold ground before Xuli could send further storms to torment her.

For both entities, however, their tasks were not yet done. As those who had come to support the ascendari met at the Mounted Cephyreid for drinks and celebration of the battle, the cries of the newly undead jackal pup split the air, disrupting the festivities.

Did either entity truly walk away from this skirmish as a victor? Or was this encounter simply the first sparks of a fire that will kindle a rivalry that ends only in death?

Penned by my hand on the 14th of Aequitas, in the year 49 AM.