Think of the children!

Date: 6/3/2014 at 23:27
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Think of the children!

Children have been showing up in townes, cities, and councils, but one in particular took to taking things into her own hands.

Little Sussie was worried for her mother, she was worried the bad man in the tower did something to her. Verexa listened to her pleas and took her to the Blue Knuckle, which is where the little girl's mother was last seen.

Upon arriving at the Blue Knuckle a green burst of energy was seen from the tower to the north, as the screams of a child echoed from the roof. Verexa employed Bathan to assist as they went to see if Sussie's mother was there.

When they entered the tower, Hasnar the Necromancer was working on his experiments, sending poor Sussie to cling to Bathan's leg in horror.

Hasnar then explained he is using the unwanted children of the world to help further his cause. He wishes to study the undead, learning their secrets and how to fight against them. He feels killing the young strays, beggars, and urchins is giving them a purpose, rather than allowing them to continue living on the streets, stealing and killing each other for food and coin.

Verexa was horrified by his plan, and refused to let him take Sussie, meanwhile, Iluv rushed off to help find children for the Necromancer. Bathan agreed with Hasnar that his research was valid, but decided to assist Verexa in saving the young child. They then made their way back to the Blue Knuckle, where Bathan attempted to find work for the child while Verexa protected her.

After speaking with many members of the tavern, Bathan found himself in Galix's stables. He asked Galix to find work for the children they find, keeping them safe from the experimentations of Hasnar. He agreed, saying he himself was once a stray before Ricmorn took him in.

Who will you assist? Galix, in search of more mercenaries, and help for the tavern? Or Hasnar, who only wishes to help us learn more of the undead. The choice is yours.

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Aequitas, in the year 48 AM.