Date: 5/18/2014 at 0:18
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Revelations

The altar of Engima from its puzzle box, revealed three cryptids of the same design of the entity Vyir who once made them. Only appearing under the guise of night, the first warned them of a change to come, a quest involving an ancient text lost to the ages, foreshadowing that the entity herself was to take upon the power of what the relic spoke of. With the second, the cube created a cryptid of considerable knowledge passing on two riddles that led the members upon a chase across Aetherius, searching far and wide despite solving their unusual clues. After discovering the two delicately aged scroll pieces, the leader Camaris kept them hidden, their perplexing writings marked with the lunar machinations of Moradeim and Suhkder.

After that time, the cube continued to reveal its nature in both night and day, the attempts of something locked within the altar at constant war with the light of the sun. Upon a dark eventide, the frightening visage of a spirit rose in the semblance of a cryptid, the third and final messenger to harbor both the last clue and haunting visions of the death and condemnation of a people whose place of worship was destroyed. Despite the many questions presented at the images appearing at the creature's feet, the Inquisitors of Enigma solved the last riddle and discovered the piece at the feet of the decapitated statue of the Lady Arcane. With the third inscribed with the light of Aryana, Camaris gave over the pieces to the entity in hopes that she could successfully restore the scroll, comprehend the writings and tell if they contained the ritual that the cryptids had hinted towards.

Many months passed as there was no word or appearance from the entity until she called those willing to the altar to see if the ritual would be successful. Tension began to rise amongst the members as the cryptids appeared with a turning of the cube at the presence of the entity and all three segments of the scroll. Fusing the pieces together, Vyir called upon her powers to shroud the entire area of Sodiuar in a darkness that attracted the strong beams of each of the moons within the sky. Feeling the strength of the moons present as they shifted to be equally balanced in the heavens, the three-eyed entity called upon the Engima to partake in the ritual to craft an item that could be traded with the moons in exchange for the power that they all sought.

Each of the rituals requirements though abnormal, brought forth a sword captured of mortal and the entity's energies. The blade forged sheer and glass-like, Vyir took it within her grasp and ascended to the altar steps with care. Lifting it in the triple-gleam of the moons, it shone brilliantly as the entity called upon the quickly orbiting moons to accept the offering and give her something in return. Vyir struck the energized blade into the dais of the altar, splintering the stone with her strength. And just as the sword had impaled the altar, it was apparent that something was terribly amiss.

The cube reacted adversely to the energies it began to channel. Expanding in size, the cube's pieces pulled apart to capture the entity within. Spinning out of control, the energy of the moons and the sword combined transformed the entity in the cube. Her tormented screams ignored by the diachaim coursing around her, her form began to grow warped and bent beyond reckoning. As the last remnants of energy ceased around the immobile cube, a cornea of dawn from the heavens illuminated the tall figure known to be Lazal, the Omega.

Veiling her own visage in the unknown substance that had fallen from the last darkness of the unnatural sky, the morphae and the Sect of Mystery begin.

Penned by my hand on the 18th of Solis, in the year 47 AM.