Creations of thought

Date: 4/4/2014 at 5:24
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Creations of thought

"What drives thought? What makes our thoughts and beliefs a reality?"

After several months of gathering strength in pondering this statement inspired by Mirai in the Taproom of the Silver Harp some time ago, the entity known as Vyir finally came to solve this conundrum. Calling upon Camaris to gather the other members of the Cult of Mystery together, she divulged her solution while expressing in the same breath that she wished to no longer be separate from their fellowship in the most literal sense. Calling upon her powers, she removed the sphere-like heart from her chest and with a great tear of her hands splintered it into many different pieces. Choosing one of the longer shards of her heart, she began to stretch and shape it into something no mortal has ever seen before...A living, breathing thought that was the idea of mystery itself adorned with a white mask. In the last few moments of this new being forming, the other shards scattered, pulling the many outlines of the entity along with her essence apart.

Despite being weakened by this grand display, Vyir revealed to all present that what she had spawned these creatures called cryptids, and by nature are made of the thoughts of her own self about humanity as a whole. In order for her thoughtful creations to be returned, the members of Mystery must infuse with them their own thoughts and select whether or not they could to be devoured by the first cryptid, or deny it the very essence of what was to become Vyir's part of what it means to be of humanity. Realizing the great cost and trust of what the entity had committed in this act, the members of Mystery began to scour all around Aetherius to seek out the cryptids.

The first cryptids heralded humanities perceptions of good and the next its ideas of constant evolution and adaptation, and without much argument, these cryptids were devoured by their enigmatic counterpart with the help of Bellentine, Camaris, Kyar, Ferriter, Edevi and Sylla. The last bespoke of great evil and the human conditions that few mortals cannot be without, its darkness heady as it was brought to rest at the altar. Awaiting the choices of those assembled, the cryptid who had grown stronger by taking the others into its abyss, snatched it up much to their dismay.

Striking a deal with the cryptid, Vyir absorbed the creature back into herself with a swirl of shadows, its mask falling to reveal the all-seeing eye hidden beneath its emotionless guise. And as the eye lifted from its socket and molded to the entity's brow, her form became swarthy with darkness, signaling her allegiance to those of the Enigma.

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Letum, in the year 44 AM.