A vision among storms

Date: 3/2/2014 at 1:31
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: A vision among storms

Late in the month of Ferinus, the entity Echleru wandered into Antioch to seek attention and adventure that had been promised by those of the cult of Storms who gathered there. While discussing possible locations to explore, the once seer Lalitana began to feel the prickles of forgotten power within her mind as visions were carried to her on desert winds that smelled strongly of distant storms. Though the skies were clear, as the entity, Sarrius and Lalitana observed a chess game between Mujandhir and Jormungandr, the distant rolling of thunder and flashes of lightning split the skies in an ominous fashion that drew the attention of most gathered. With a sudden rushing of wind, Lalitana proclaimed to be seeing visions of tall, bulky humanoids who turned into mountains as they walked the horizons, and bridges lost in stormy skies before a cyclone whipped sand through Antioch and knocked her from her feet. At the behest of voices only she could hear, she took off into the distance as Sarrius gathered others to follow.

Finding her once more near the bridge leading into the Storm Peaks, the group had grown to include Airamaya, Huxley, and eventually Talbain as well, who all stood upon the bridge granted in the visions to learn what it was that had called them. While there, the storm clouds closed in, forming vague forms of long-gone figures before a whirlwind lifted Lalitana from the walkway and deposited her further inside the abandoned xiur village, forcing her companions to once again find her. When all realized that this was the building from her vision, they began to poke at the collapsed structure, unsure of what they were looking for. This interference drew the attention of storm vortex elementals that attacked the group and had to be destroyed. The winds caused by the interruption revealed a stone box hidden under the dirt and below a mess of debris that, when opened, contained nothing but a bronze medallion, appearing completely mundane. After discussion on what should be done with the medallion, Echleru asked to see it, and reluctantly Lalitana handed the find over to the entity. With sudden severity, a twisting mass of air erupted around the entity, consuming her and hiding her from vision within the dark clouds it pulled down from the storms surrounding the peaks. Within moments, a booming laugh broke through the clouds, revealing the entity's new form. One wrapped within a miasma of virulent storm clouds, reflective of her joining to the cult of Storms.

Penned by my hand on the 24th of Ferinus, in the year 41 AM.