The Rise of Nyrohi

Date: 1/6/2014 at 22:47
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Rise of Nyrohi

The child-like entity known as Cadra had been cryptically speaking to the Jackal Cult of the whispered voices of the dead and hidden power for some time. Last month, she alerted her cult to the existence of a great pack of jackals hunting in Demon's Pass. With shrieks of laughter, she informed them that the jackals had led her to something she had long been seeking.

Kanthari led Ahkan, Aslak, Aulani, Cadeyrn, Caelya, Iluv, Iniar, Khizan, Lais, Maevral and Verexa to Demon's Pass, where Cadra had tracked a massive host of jackals. A few members of the sect quickly realized that it was the location where some of the Gods once fought and died with the Demon Lords. The tiny entity proclaimed that the earth had not forgotten the great battle that had once taken place where they stood and that the ground remained suffused with the power of the dead. With a grin, she announced her plan to take that power for the Jackals.

The sect watched as the ground rumbled beneath Cadra and bright lights coalesced around her osseous form. The entity's laugh of triumph abruptly turned to a shriek of dismay as the power quickly overwhelmed her. The jackals began to snarl and snap at one another as Cadra's body shattered with a deafening sound. The cult looked on in dismay, though the silence was quickly broken by the mocking voice of the High Lich Silantor. The lich taunted the Jackals, calling Cadra too weak to harness the hidden power and stated that he was the true master of the dead.

As the lich threatened those gathered, the ground began to churn violently and crack open. The great pack of jackals suddenly howled as one and a great stone slab rose from the earth. The stone abruptly split in half and the skeletal form of Nyrohi, the Undying, stepped forth from her tomb. With a snarl, she quickly informed Silantor that no one would be kneeling to him. The diabolus raised her arm aloft and a massive bone halberd appeared within her grasp. Nyrohi swung the weapon into the ground, causing a great rift and a crackle of energy to race towards the Silantor. The lich began to shriek and was quickly silenced by the power of the Undying. As the screams of the lich faded, Nyrohi turned to her Sect with an ominous grin and greeted her Jackals.

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Tenebrae, in the year 37 AM.