The Legion

Date: 10/6/2013 at 0:11
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Legion

After opening contracts with mortals over the past two months, the shades finally consumed enough souls to re-gather their strength.

As a fell shadow engrossed the springs in darkness, the shades congregated at the temple of Avasyu, devouring one another and absorbing each other's essence.

When only one shade remained, the shadows collapsed upon the monstrosity, its form shaping into the perfect being. As the body was completed the shadows gave birth to its wings, allowing the beast to be able to travel between the Prime Material Plane and the Underworld.

As the Legion stood tall it broke open the other two pillars that once held the temple together, releasing their weapons that were trapped along with them for all those years. During this time the mortals who gathered at the Springs did all they could to stop the Legion, unfortunately for them, their strength was not enough and upon regaining their weaponry the Legion took off into the Underworld.

Upon arriving within their new home, the Legion began consuming the essence of all the souls within Dis. It was then Charon stepped in, believing the Legion had gone too far. He threatened the Legion, demanding that they leave his realm, however, his words did not sway them.

They attacked Charon, sending him crashing to the ground. Just before they were able to completely consume Charon's essence, the shade Eoggor came barreling in to rescue his master, sacrificing his own life so that Charon could escape.

Now, Charon has taken up refuge at the edge of the Underworld, rescuing the souls of those who have fallen from the gullet of the Legion. He has placed a barrier around his surroundings, so that the Legion can no longer harm any mortal.

He met with the mortals Gurn, Airamaya, Ambrose, Jarrhn, and Iniar to discuss what had happened. It was then he revealed that the Legion was created among the Gods, however, they were created for servitude, not for power. They did not agree with the Gods, and took it upon themselves to find more strength by consuming the souls within the Underworld.

Avasyu then took the Legion and shattered its body into several shades, trapping them within a pillar, along with their weapons of mass destruction. It was not until the death of the Creator that they were able to break free from their prison, and they have now taken up residence within the Underworld, gathering the strength they have dreamed of for all eternity.

Has the Underworld been forever lost to the Legion's power? Charon believes there is still hope, and has several agents still within Dis keeping an eye out for the Legion. Perhaps soon, the Legion will fall to the strength of man.

Penned by my hand on the 3rd of Artificium, in the year 29 AM.