Dual Discoveries De Novo

Date: 9/1/2013 at 20:01
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Dual Discoveries De Novo

This month it was announced to the Crux Shade of the Saboteurs that one of their loyal own was periodically bursting into flames. The spontaneously combusting individual, a man by the name of Quas whose past with the guild is murkily kept, advised Addum Iluv that the Noctusari should be informed of some potential developments in their skills.

In the guildhall of the Noctusari and in the presence of Iluv, Caitryn, Iniar, Salish, Kryss, Aglaeca, Juliette, and Auvryist, Quas revealed to Berodach, the Unfeeling that his specialty was planar and elemental attachments in demonic arts. His lack of training in Noctu prevented him from making further developments himself, but in a brief moment of communion with Berodach, the secrets were exchanged and the Noctusari were opened to the wonders of new Summoners, a fiery combination of old and new.

Meanwhile, in the Vardarian Highlands, Darrin the Mage set the Crystal of ages spinning clockwise, opposed to its anti-clockwise natural turn. This forced the crystal to be disrupted enough to shatter it into several fragments. When he appeared before those who had gathered, Argentum, Glijije, and Ozreas, he informed them that the Mages no longer needed the "crutch" the crystal gave them, and that they would soon become stronger.

After hearing this Siath, Sarrius, and Dist showed up and attempted to stop the Mage from releasing their new powers. Unfortunately they were too late, for the destruction of the Crystal was the tipping point to the plot, and set the powers in motion.

After they killed Darrin he came back, being as he was just a spirit in the first place, to lead his fellow Magickers back into the city of Kinsarmar. Once there, Argentum and Alvetta asked him several questions pertaining to the new powers of the Mages, and what all they would be able to do. He answered them quickly, and when he felt they were ready he broke the chains that once bound them to the Crystal of Ages and the Elements and gave them freedom within their power. This allows them to create their own crystal, and to use the Elements without asking permission, along with several other new abilities. It was here he said his goodbyes, leaving the Mages with their newfound powers.

Penned by my hand on the 10th of Ultio, in the year 26 AM.