The Renewing Spirit

Date: 4/20/2013 at 0:19
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Renewing Spirit

With the fall of the Wild One, many were left alone to defend against all that would harm her legacy, and have in the following years found themselves drawn together under the mantle of the cult of Primal Spirits. Renewing their status as the protectors of nature, they gathered their strength in the Heartlands before a great oak tree where they had placed their altar. Determined to raise themselves to such strength as to prove their worth, they were joined by the entity Osila, who asked them to sacrifice something great in order to attract the attention of the great Spirit they sought.

With their sacrifices, their power grew, invigorating the entity Osila as she took on the oath the other Primals must undergo before their complete acceptance under the spirits. Openly pledging her life to the spirit the Primals called forth, it possessed the Great Oak and communicated its uncertainty of merging with this strange creature before it. Shadow cannot consume nature, it would keep from the lush greens the sunlight needed to thrive and grow. To prove this to the entity, it absorbed her into the great oak, sending the darkness that remained of her form free to fill the grove, obscuring those gathered.

The shadow, touched still by the energy of the entity that controlled it, lashed at the great oak and attempted to absorb itself into the tree and the spirit held within by the roots. The tree created a shield, driving back the shadow as the entity and spirit melded within its wooden walls. The surrounding flora grew suddenly vibrant as the creatures of the world rejoiced when from the great oak stepped forth the Morphae, Svorai. She gathered most of the shadows that had stricken the great oak, allowing them to connect to her while leaving some with the tree. Her efforts created a strong bond, linking nature and the dark realm together.

Penned by my hand on the 4th of Vita, in the year 16 AM.