A new alliance.

Date: 4/11/2013 at 20:05
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: A new alliance.

Late last month saw a meeting of representatives of the sect of Flames with those of the Primal cult, a venture to determine the meaning of a vision from the flames that Aulani had experienced. When the vision still was not clear, she reached out to Osila the Shadow, Gurn, and Ellen in hopes to decipher what they wanted with her.

After a short discussion it became clear that the shadows were working on their own, but only proved what Osila had asked for from the Flames previously. Osila was still in need of Samaos' assistance, for the only way she believed she could be separated from the shadow's grasp was to be touched by the purest fire. Aulani seemed reluctant at first, attempting to get to know Osila more before calling on the Dread Flame to come help.

After an impatient Osila provoked the Dread Flame's ire, Samaos answered her request by setting Osila on fire. The flames consumed her completely and sent her throughout the lands: confused, ablaze and alone.

Unfortunately for Osila she ended up in front of the great Leechwood. When Olanre made herself known, the trapped Diabolus attempted to "help" her "dear sister" by putting out the fire, but the help the crafty Diabolus offered was to consume Osila within a hallow in the Leechwood.

Aleutia, Kanthari, Katalina, Jaxt, and the few others that were gathered by the Leechwood witnessed the consumption. As Osila slowly made her way through Olanre's gullet her power grew, and the woodlings began to become uneasy. Meanwhile, Gurn, Ellen, and Seraphyne accused Samaos of intentionally sending Osila to her death at the hands of the twisted devourer Olanre.

The Dread Flame, sick of their accusations, demanded the Leechwood to release the young entity Osila. When Olanre refused, Samaos reached through the primal fire plane and called forth the flaming chain of fire she had wrapped around Osila upon setting her ablaze. This caused a sickened Olanre to regurgitate the shadow Osila, freeing her from her gullet. Upon being released, Osila transformed into a sleek black panther, wounding the Leechwood with her new found claws.

Once she was free from the dreadful twisted council she returned to the Dread Flame and all that had gathered, creating an alliance with the Dread Flame to end the Leechwood and her appetite for Entities.

Penned by my hand on the 8th of Solis, in the year 15 AM.