Love is a curse: Zofar defeated!

Date: 2/17/2013 at 2:59
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Love is a curse: Zofar defeated!

The trial of bugs showing up everywhere and places being filled with undead fae was weighing heavily on the three representatives, and they took council with those nearby to discuss what could actively be done to fight against Zofar, instead of treating the symptoms.

The centaur diviner first spoke of creating a chain that would hold Zofar fast -- much more effectively than the failed attempt of Silantor. Recalling that the hearts of the bugs responded violently to fire, the representative decided that the creation of a chain imbued with elemental fire would suffice. Mercer and Skye's aid proved invaluable for this.

Of the same mind, the selkie mystic also decided that a chain blessed and instilled with the power of devotioners' absolution would serve the same purpose. Caelya, Siath, and Dot provided their services as well as Shou looked on. Not far behind, the ssylsin ritualist conspired a way to provide his compatriots with the means to achieve their goal of defeating Zofar, harnessing power from the Pit to make such a chain worthy to hold the corrupt fae.

At the same time, Arinas the entomologist was approached by Caelya and Dot, who raised questions of a poison that was intended to slay Zofar. Caelya's provision of a variety of venom sacs proved invaluable, and she kept him company until he completed it, when the representatives came for council. It was at this time that the diviner produced something he had created himself to deliver this poison to Zofar's evil heart.

These elements were apportioned -- the scythe to Lindsay and a chain to Caelya, Mercer, and Menoch. Thus armed, the group sallied forth to hunt down Zofar, though this proved difficult until Silantor was coaxed into taunting Zofar forth. Much like a grumpy child concerning his toys, he charged those around him to slay what he could not have.

The swords flashed, and Zofar took the group on with his power to control a variety of undead fae. Many died multiple times while trying to strategize how to kill him. Risca, Aleutia, Lindsay, Shou, Ahkan, Sulphius, Caelya, Abigail, Sealia, Lionas, Arakis, Skye, Dicene, Skasha, Menoch, Mercer, Siath, Aulani, Sarciossis, Selthis, Kyriae, Imriel, Aros, and Alesud were all present and fighting nobly -- when they were not dying to the undead fey's strange powers.

At last amidst the confusion of battle the chains -- now wielded by Abigail, Aleutia, and Caelya -- were properly wrapped around the struggling Zofar, and Shou stabbed forth to kill the fae. Unable at the last minute, however, Shou quickly tossed the scythe to a fast-thinking Ahkan, who stabbed straight and true. Zofar was dead.

The group returned, victorious, to an indifferent Silantor, who quickly regained possession of Zofar's corpse. Its value to him for future "experiments" is yet unknown, as are the current whereabouts of the spurned Capsica. Whether we will hear from her will be left to be seen!

Penned by my hand on the 22nd of Vita, in the year 11 AM.