Love is a curse: Fae invasion

Date: 2/14/2013 at 20:44
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Love is a curse: Fae invasion

A wailing cry was heard from Noctiel Glades, soon joined by many others with despair and sadness haunting their tone. Coming to investigate, Mercer came across the Centaur Lord Galadyre and a priestess huddled over the slain corpse of one of the Glade's sprites. The priestess wept as more came to join, and eventually Gurn, Rixen, Iliasa, Ziat, Darin, Wynnd, Dot, Miren, Caelya, Drakith and Juran were all present for the chaos that happened next.

While mourning the loss of the sprite, Darsorei, the son of Galadyre searched the Glade for evidence, and returned to note that all the sprites were either missing or dead, and the usual culprit was not to blame. A piercing laugh split the hidden wood as the fell fey Zofar appeared above and released more of the love bugs into the trees. The bugs immediately went after the fallen sprite, and though the centaurs and people gathered around attempted to keep it safe, it was soon infected and began to move, returned to a state of undeath by Zofar's love curse, as the fell fey captured the other sprites into a glass jar before attaching it to his belt.

Quickly dispatching the sprite, and missing catching Zofar, the crowd's attention was soon drawn to the Aoash as Zofar's plans became clearer. He slew the pixies without mercy, waiting for a crowd to again gather before releasing the bugs. This time, several fell to the undead frost pixies before they were dispatched. Again, the fell fey Zofar captured some of the pixies in a second glass jar, attaching it to his belt before disappearing. Concerned now for where Zofar would strike next, the group gathered to places they felt were in danger, but the fell fey struck too fast. The selkies of Seven Lakes basin, loved by none and protected only by the deepness of their lake soon fell to the evil fey, and were captured in a third glass jar.

Zofar fled the scene, escaping to the Heartlands where he vanished while a group of individuals left for Demons Pass to interrogate the High Lich Silantor further. Wynnd, Drakith, Devim, Ziat, Gurn, Mathiaus, and Therian traded barbs with the High Lich, debating the merits and meaning of love while the fell fey Zofar appeared once again over the Heartlands.

Appearing to struggle with himself, the fell fey eventually ripped the green miasma that surrounded him away, which formed into a spirit named Capsica that had apparently been giving her impressive power to Zofar. In an attempt to prove the spirit wrong, Zofar released the fey from the jars on his belt, releasing his undead army into the world.

Will you step forward and wipe the encroaching undead from the lands? What did Gurn, Ziat and the others learn from the High Lich Silantor about the situation? Who is this Capsica, and what does she have to do with all of this madness?

Penned by my hand on the 18th of Letum, in the year 11 AM.