The Rising in Khous

Date: 1/17/2013 at 0:02
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Rising in Khous

Rain drenched the world, coming with an unexpected storm that swelled along the western shore. The waters reached through the Aori and into the desert, and even stretched as far as regions of Khandava forest and council, and yet many ignored the encroaching flood, even as it began to drown the Ik'taru expanse. A shout was heard, and finally attentions were caught. Selah of Antioch went to Naiya and inquired of the Lamiran priestess whether or not she knew of what was happening along the western coastline. Naiya could not offer much, but directed young sylayan and her entourage towards Khous, beyond the Ik'taru expanse that was rapidly filling with water.

Accompanied by Ageranu and Brishi, and soon joined by Jaivanna, the four were the first to approach the voice behind the shouting, Salit, the elder of Khous. Salit begged those who would hear him for help, claiming that the undead were rising from the sea around them, shaken from their watery graves by the unrelenting storm that was flooding parts of the world. Salit was sure that the bay itself is the cause of this undead phenomena, likely believing that the remains of the village they chose to settle in was its last major victim, and asks the quickly growing crowd to help dispatch the undead before their small settlement is overrun.

Away did the groups depart, slaying undead creature after returned horror, but they would not cease. In fact, the more they killed, the more creatures rose from the fetid depths to strike out at Khous and its defenders. Eventually, even creatures once of the sea that were claimed by the bay rose as well, undead jelly fish and sea turtles that struck out at all around them. Finally the numbers seemed to thin, but not in the favor of the defenders.

The waters trembled and the shores of Khous shook as a great beast, the dread Lakhild was drawn forth from the darkest regions of the bay, drawn by the wanton amounts of death wrought against the creatures the bay had claimed. Alesud was the first to strike out against the undead abomination, holding her own until many others joined in the fray. In the end, the combined efforts of Alesud, Kailani, Kanthari, Gurn, Brishi, Aleutia, Iluv, Divanna, Ageranu, Jaivanna and Raes brought down the dread beast, with Gurn landing the killing blow.

The adventurers returned to Salit, inquiring further if anything could be done for the tiny village hidden behind the Ik'taru. Salit only shook his head, and asked to be left alone to pray for the souls of those the bay had claimed, and to worry about Khous bay's next attempts to claim his small settlement. And so, with Lakhild slain for now, how long until the undead press once more at the shores of Khous? Will any take up the defense of the small village, or will those current residents become the next victims of the hungering bay?

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Bellum, in the year 8 AM.