Isra, the Wild Huntress

Date: 1/6/2013 at 22:09
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Isra, the Wild Huntress

On the eighth day of Ultio, in the year 7 AM, the world heard the unmistakable roar of a mythical wyvern somewhere within the Greytrem Hills. The Cult of the Hunt, having tracked the beast for some months, set upon its trail, which was much too close to their sacred altar. The entity Zarah led the chase, scouting out a large boulder to hide behind while attacking the great beast.

Before a shield could be raised, or a sword could be unsheathed, the mighty wyvern issued forth a breath of pure ice towards the boulder, completely freezing Zarah's loyal icewyrm, Glaurik, who was unable to fully move himself behind the enormous rock.

With a cry of dismay for her beloved Glaurik, Zarah leapt over the boulder and called the Hunt to charge the massive, ebon-scaled wyvern. As she sunk a spear into the beast, driving the weapon home through the hardened scales, Zarah was quickly followed with attacks by her fellow Hunters, Sarrius, Lalitana, Seraphyne, Aros, Castiel, Jacee, Sebaste, Susser and Icarius.

The nine fought gallantly alongside the determined Zarah, taking fire and ice from the breath of the wyvern. Seemingly endless, the fight raged on, sending the clangs of weaponry and cries of the Hunt across the land. After gashing a hole through the neck of the great beast, Zarah pulled out her hornbow, sending seven silver arrows screaming into the skull of the Hunt's prey. With that, the last sounds issued out from the wyvern before it fell before the skilled Hunters.

Determined to sacrifice the threat to their altar, the Cult of the Hunt pushed and shoved its mammoth corpse down the hills of the Greytrem. There, a proud and triumphant Zarah heaved its head upon the altar, letting its blood mix with that previously offered by the Hunters.

The blood issued forth a great helix of silver energy from the skies. The Hunters watched as the light entered Zarah's chest, willing her form to change before their very eyes. In place of Zarah's ill-defined features, those of an elvish woman took their place, creating the near perfect visage of the mythical Huntress, herself.

As the light returned to its origin in the skies, the Cult of the Hunt was no more, leaving behind it a powerful sect of Hunters. Every wild corner of the world thrummed with newly awakened power as the predators of the world gained new power, looking to Isra, the Wild Huntress to watch over the Wild Hunt.

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Ultio, in the year 7 AM.