The Hammer Unveiled

Date: 10/15/2012 at 7:51
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Hammer Unveiled

And so it was, on the 5th day of Fas, in the year 679 AD, that the great power of the Hammer of the Gods was revealed. Aleutia, acting as the instrument of our destroyed Gods, sealed the great rift in the demonic stronghold in the far north. The final trek took several days, and the protectors of the Hammer were accosted every step of the way by both demon and mortal alike, but they were successful.

Aleutia had been working herself to the bone gathering remnants of the Divine for the golden figure on the ancient altar. Thus, it was only fitting that she was also the one to deliver the last fragment that caused the full power of the Hammer of the Gods to descend from the heavens above. Laying down upon the altar, Aleutia was the first to take on the mantle of the Hammer of the Gods.

Her time as the Hammer was destined to be short-lived, however, as she was soon slain by Khizan who was accompanied by other soldiers from Kinsarmar. Both sides battled fiercely back and forth, each side choosing a paragon who would become the Hammer of the Gods. The forces of Kinsarmar, led mainly by Justus and accompanied by the exhortations of Tomas, were determined to eradicate the Horde, while Juran led the opposing allied forces of Khandava, Antioch, Celidon, Ithaqua, and Stavenn in an attempt to destroy the Demon rift and avenge our fallen Gods.

Battle raged for days, with neither side able to obtain the upper hand. Despite having the odds heavily stacked against them, the Kinsarmarians were able to hold the might of the rest of the known world at bay. Finally, though, Aleutia was able to wrest control of the Hammer of the Gods and begin the last fateful march towards destiny.

Aleutia marched, while Juran directed the likes of Lionas, Jorachim, Ander, Victor, Ahkan, Alesud, Eldreth, Gurn, Maglust, Dias, Kira, Ozreas, Jilly, Aprus, Kylar, Kanthari, Edmund, Shou, Sarciossis, Reid, Carrick, Bathan, Grantz, Katalina, and Seraphyne. Opposed against them were the Kinsarmarian forces, containing Justus, Galt, Sarrius, Mercer, Ristani, Shukron, Caelya, Kilikousu, Lemuela, Mercer, Risu, Alvetta, Insinyan, Edmund, Khizan, Ferriter, and Abigail.

Many battles were fought along the way, but Aleutia survived them all and kept the march moving. Despite a last-ditch effort by Shukron, Justus, and Sarrius at the Demon's Pass, the Hammer broke through into the demonic stronghold. The demons were prepared, having packed the stronghold with their soldiers, but the Hammer's group carved their way through. They reached the center of the pentagram, and there the Hammer of the Gods called down the fires of the heavens to sear the infernal rift.

At the last second, a final horde of demons charged through the rift to drive back the Hammer, but they were too late. Aleutia was successful in her task, and although she eventually fell to the amassed demons, the rift was sealed. Those who survived until the end saw: "Aleutia kneels down on the ground, arms outstretched, palms flat against the ground. She concentrates intently, and golden flames begin to spring up around her as the beam of light that connects her to the heavens pulses. The flames burst into the demonic rift, a virtual torrent that pours into the rift without end. As the flames hurtle into the rift, the edges of the rift begin to collapse until the rift closes in on itself completely and disappears. The flames die out and the golden beam of light connecting the Hammer of the Gods to the heavens winks out and the dark, tumultuous clouds above dissipate."

The weary but triumphant warriors of the Hammer left the demonic stronghold to find the world paused in a state of shock. Overwhelmed by the power exhibited by the mortal races of Aetherius, the amassed forces of the Horde and Undead begin to withdraw, to lick their wounds, and to plot. Some forts still stand, waiting to be destroyed, and roving squads of the survivors of all three invading armies still ravage the lands. The heart of the invasion has been crushed, however, and the world veers away from the edge of destruction.

The mortals of Aetherius can now lick their wounds and begin the process of healing. The death of the Gods and the unveiling of the mighty Hammer created by their fallen essence ushers in a new age: The Age of Mortality.

Penned by My hand on the 6th of Fas, in the year 1 AM.