A Broken Alliance

Date: 10/12/2012 at 18:16
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: A Broken Alliance

The leader of the Horde armies, Onkassus the Fleshrender, was seen this day outside of the only fortification held by his troops. He gathered information from his scouts and spies who reported to him that the Empire was not fulfilling their agreement. Furious at this information, Onkassus roared with anger and called upon Lady Mena Farrell to attend him.

During his long wait for the Imperator, he was met by Deacon Aleutia Sol'Anlumaire and Ahkan Bellor, Ultimatum of Sukhder. Despite Aleutia's slightly threatening tone and Ahkan companionably offering him a churata, Onkassus continued to grunt and fume.

Upon the arrival of the Imperator, Onkassus spoke bluntly. He spoke of the reports he received and his own observations of the demon army's great numbers that overwhelmed his own. He too, heard the shameful reports of the Empire offering succor and friendship to the Demon Gods. Sounding almost petulant, Onkassus demanded to know why he too, was not offered a guild to patron and a real place amongst the leaders of the Empire. The Imperator informed him that it was a mistake, and that the offender had been punished. Onkassus, momentarily pleased, then asked if this Ephor had been deposed and exiled from the Empire. The answer to this was no. Ever the warrior diplomat, Ahkan offered Onkassus the head of this Ephor. This however did not appease the Warlord. He extended a final offer to the Empire and to Khandava. They would accept him as ruler of both, and serve him, thus saving their original alliance. The Imperator insulted Onkassus further by offering him candy and rocks. Aleutia and Ahkan made attempts to speak reasonably with Onkassus, but he is not known to be reasonable.

Declaring their alliance to be over, Onkassus dismissed the three and simply walked away. How will the Empire fare without this alliance? Will the traitorous Ephor who offered a demon a place in their Pantheon finally be punished? Will Onkassus ever have a churata with Ahkan?

Penned by My hand on the 20th of Letum, in the year 679 AD.