The Fall of the Gods

Date: 10/12/2012 at 16:25
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Fall of the Gods

The invasion of the demon gods, beginning with the death of Avasyu, culminated into a Final Battle.

Following here is exactly what happened.


A comet streaks through the heavens from the northern horizon.

The comet breaks into three pieces and falls toward the western ocean.

The meteors strike the ocean, sending boiling water rocketing into the sky and a gaping unnatural hole in the ocean.

Steam spews from the watery pits. The steam forms a wavering image, hovering over the waves.

The divine voice of Visyra, Lady of Thorns reverberates powerfully, "I have come to avenge my sister, my sweet Erzabet! Who will face me?!"

A visceral scream crashes across the waves.

A column of ocean water lurches into the sky.

Mile long tendrils flash out from the column, cut through the air, slashing out at the goddess formed of steam.

The demon Visyra coalesces from steam into a solid, dark being with jet black skin and burning red eyes.

Dozens of tendrils lash into Visyra, cutting wicked wounds into her skin. Red flames spew from the jagged tears.

Visyra raises her hands above her head, a ball of flame slowly growing between her palms.

The ocean continues to pummel Visyra, flames shooting from hundreds of open, oozing wounds.

Visyra screams in rage at Lianthe, face contorted, as she hurls the ball of fire at the pillar of water.

The flaming projectile smashes into the pillar.

Pillar and meteor explode outward, the body of Lianthe tossed from the pillar as it collapses.

Lianthe's form falls to the ocean shore.

Visyra launches herself the broken Lianthe, her long claws latching into her body.

In a single motion she rips Lianthe into three pieces, golden white blood spewing from the body, splashing across the heavens.

Visyra's screams and laughs, biting the torso of her lifeless body, divine blood running down her chest and body.

The sky fills with dark, thunderous clouds and bright columns of lightning strike as the voice of Aesir,

God of War booms, "ENOUGH!"

The earth rumbles in response to the shout of Aesir.

The six remaining gods, Thanatos, Nemesis, Aesir, Epiphany, Cassiopeia, and Dranor appear in the heavens above Visyra and the ruined form of Lianthe.

Visyra, covered in the blood of Lianthe, snarls at the gods and flees, racing across the heavens.

The gods stand around the broken Lianthe.

Your chest begins to ache as if something within you is trying to escape. On the very edge of your hearing, amidst the wailing of a dozen voices, a quietly aloof voice utters, "We will stand for this no longer. Let this end now. Either the demons take this realm, or we destroy them."

Hellish screams fill northern pass as thousands of demons stream into the continent from Demon's Pass.

Shooting pain sears your mind and you hear a foul maniacal laughter.

Aosoth and Azaoz appear above the Northreach Mountains.

Visyra stops her flight further to the east, nearer Demon's Pass.

Several dozen celani appear near the gods, garbed in armour and weapon.

Aesir raises his arms in the air, splitting the heavens and a mighty host armoured wind elementals stream from the skies toward the demon army.

Heaven and earth and still for a moment, silence permeating the land.

At once the armies speed across the heavens toward each other.

Aosoth dances in among the celani, swinging a massive two handed sword overhead.

Aosoth splits a celani in two from head to gullet with a single stroke, brains and intestine spilling into the air.

Dropping his weapon, Aosoth dives into another celani, his black claws digging into its chest, ripping his heart free, screaming in a bloodlust rage.

Epiphany lets fly her blessed spear, striking Aosoth high in the thigh, black fluid spurting from the wound.

Aosoth pulls at the spear, howling in pain.

Cassiopeia raises her arms over her head, stars beginning to swirl and spin in slow motion.

Nemesis fires volley after volley from her deadly bow, striking Visyra. Enraged, Visyra races toward Nemesis, closing the distance in the blink of any eye.

Visyra and Nemesis continue their dance. Visyra lashes at Nemesis with her long taloned hands, skin streaming flames from her battle with Lianthe. Nemesis shows wear, bloody gashes appearing across her arms and legs.

Azaoz stands before the remaining three. Dranor, Aesir, and Thanatos begin the slow circling. Azaoz probes his opponents with long slashing attacks.

The sky fills with dark, thunderous clouds and bright columns of lightning strike as the voice of Aesir, God of War booms, "Foolishness. Attack hard and together, we will finish him!"

With a nod, the three gods charge Azaoz, weapons flashing.

Anticipating, Azaoz stands his ground, bringing his scythe down upon Dranor, completely slicing through his arm, severing it completely just above the elbow.

Dranor withdraws in pain, bright white blood gushing from his wound. Exposed tendon and muscle quiver in shock from the trauma.

Epiphany grips at the arm of Aosoth and wrenches her spear free from the demon god. He pushes her violently away.

The divine voice of Lord Aosoth, of the Thirst reverberates powerfully, "Now you die, Life!"

Aosoth claws at Epiphany's face, rakes it violently, tearing one of her eyes free from her skull.

Epiphany screams in pain and Aosoth laughs.

Cassiopeia continues to swirl the stars above her, gathering even the stars of the constellations, unknown to the demon lords.

Aesir's twin swords flash and spin at Azaoz while Thanatos brings his mighty flail in a wide arc, swinging at his head.

Azaoz leans out of the way and the flail deflects off his shoulder. Aesir's swords find Azaoz's flesh in multiple locations, opening several small wounds.

Cassiopeia finishes her work, and swings her arms downward, signaling to the stars to strike at the foul Aosoth.

Aosoth finally notices her efforts and begins to flee, fear in his face.

Epiphany notes Aosoth's attempt and with great efforts dashes as him a final time, driving her spear through his shoulder and brings him smashing into the ground.

Epiphany presses all her weight into the spear. Leaning down, Epiphany spits in his face.

A flash of light encompasses you in a blue aura, extending outwards in ever widening ripples across the land as you hear the voice of Epiphany, Goddess of Life, "Now you life is over demon spawn. This is my purpose now."

The divine voice of Lord Aosoth, of the Thirst reverberates powerfully, "... How droll."

The falling lights of the stars envelop Epiphany and Aosoth. When the light fades you can no longer see either god.

Arrows streaking, Nemesis manages to create distance between herself and Visyra. Nemesis use the short reprieve to whistle loudly.

Answering her call, half a dozen snarling jackals race to her side.

A veil of crimson passes before your eyes, bringing with it the faint taste of blood as a dark, foreboding voice echoes over the land, "Kill her!"

Answering their master, the jackals sprint toward their prey. Visyra moves to fight off the new threat as Nemesis continues her ranged assault.

Cassiopeia, visibly weakened by her effort, turns to aid Nemesis again Visyra.

Aesir and Thanatos press Azaoz. Realizing they are moving to surround him, Azaoz launches himself at Thanatos, catching him in the side of the neck with his scythe.

As white blood spews from the neck of Thanatos, Azaoz wastes no time. He turns and charges Aesir, driving the pole of his weapon at his chest.

Aesir leans backward and with a quick upward slash, slices the scythe in half.

With an uncanny knowledge of his surroundings, Azaoz does not hesitate. He turns from Aesir and in a single motion launches his broken scythe at an unaware Cassiopeia.

As Nemesis' jackals swarm over Visyra, Cassiopeia slowly moves in for the kill.

Cassiopeia is struck from behind by the flying scythe.

Her lower body silently falls from skies as her eyes roll back into her head.

Divine blood streaks and stains the sky as her lifeless body plummets from the heavens.

Despite missing his arm, Dranor painfully lifts his sword and dashes again at Azaoz.

Azaoz raises his arms above his head motioning wildly at his foes, clearly in a panic.

Columns of fire fall from the heavens by his command, piercing the skies and smashing the ground.

Dranor brings his blade crashing into Azaoz's torso just as he is engulfed in a column of flame, incinerating him completely.

Despite killing Dranor, Azaoz is wounded. He wrenches Dranor's sword from his midsection and discards the severed hand still gripped to it. He turns and launches himself toward Aesir.

Breaking the neck of the final jackal, Visyra emerges from the fray, bleeding from countless wounds, three long arrows protruding from her left shoulder.

Having clearly lost her mind, Visyra streaks toward Nemesis.

Nemeis lets loose a final arrow, striking Visyra square in the chest.

Momentum carrying her, Visyra plows into Nemesis, clawing at her face.

Nemesis drops her bow and grips Visyra's taloned hands.

Eyes burning with rage, Visyra bites deep into the throat of Nemesis.

Growling with insanity, she rips half of Nemesis' neck completely free.

Half conscious, Nemesis releases Visyra's hands and strikes her head, crushing it completely. Visyra's skull explodes in a ball of flame and gore.

The explosion shreds the body of Nemesis. Her body breaks apart into shards of darkness and falls, fluttering downward in slow motion.

All that remain are three gods. Aesir, Thanatos, and Azaoz.

Azaoz recognizes his time is coming to an end. He races again at Aesir, armed with the sword of Dranor.

He feints low at Aesir, who deftly parries at the blow. Azaoz brings his massive toothy maw biting down on he head of Aesir.

Aesir grimaces and drives both swords into the Azaoz's body.

Azaoz bites clean through the top half of Aesir's head. Brain, blood, and skull cut raggedly through.

Black poisonous bile gushes from Azaoz as he is washed in the white divine blood of Aesir.

Azaoz pulls himself from the swords of Aesir, somehow not yet dead.

He glances as Thanatos, who grips his bleeding neck. Without waiting, Azaoz darts toward the northern mountains. Bloody bile streaming from his body.

Thanatos, holding his neck in one hand and flail in the other, pursues Azaoz.

All reality shudders as the voice of Azaoz, Lord of the Demons thunders across the land, "You cannot follow me here, FOOL!"

Your chest begins to ache as if something within you is trying to escape. On the very edge of your hearing, amidst the wailing of a dozen voices, a quietly aloof voice utters, "I will finish you, demon!"

Azaoz disappears into the demon portal to the north.

Thanatos hesitates for a moment, contemplating the portal.

Thanatos steps through the rift, and disappears.

A profound silent sadness, as Aetherius has never known, covers the land.

Penned by My hand on the 18th of Letum, in the year 679 AD.