the Assault Upon Antioch

Date: 10/5/2012 at 4:16
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: the Assault Upon Antioch

The boredom and audacity of the Demon Lords appears to be growing. In the month of Naturalis, Aosoth, of the Thirst's boredom had risen to a noisy level. He began to shout of His lack of amusement that the livestock had been providing, which eventually led to His decision to instigate an attack upon Antioch once more.

His trip began like many others, feasting first upon the blood of Arke, He then proceeded to rise above the city and initiate the attack which had begun months ago. Where the God of Seasons had shielded the city before, no such hero was present to 'face tank' the assault and save the city from destruction.

It quickly became apparent that this was not simply another visit from the Lord of Thirst as the bargaining pleas to play with the Lord's hounds from Dias, the Minister of War, went unanswered and several others voiced their wish to sacrifice themselves in place of the city. Regardless of the rank or stature of the individual, the cries went unheeded, and seemingly from nowhere, a massive crimson globule in the shape of a teardrop was soon summoned high over the Shaahri desert. As the assault continued, cries for mercy and impassioned japes were flung up at the menace above the city, and while few warranted a response from the Demon, most went unanswered.

With the weapon formed and looming overhead, and no protector seemingly available to oppose Him, Aosoth began siphoning off small portions of the substance and hurling them towards the city. Each projectile burst into flames as it descended and jarred the desert with violent surges of dust and sand as each blow landed and felled a gate of the city until none remained; none but the ever-closed Demon's Gate. The fires of the Gate, which had once been used to purify the taint, burned low at the Demon's Gate was then only a faint visage of its former glory, the largest part of its power was diminished with the Sun Lord's passing and that remnant was snuffed out with the simplest of demonic gestures.

It was at that point that Aosoth reascended into the sky to finish His assault upon Antioch. He sent the final, and largest portion of the substance down upon the Demon's Gate and unlike the others this burned a malevolent black and came to a gentle rest atop the gate. Aosoth descended into the mass and proceeded to taint the once holy flames, scorching and searing the stone and gates and creating passage into the desert where once there was none. Shouting for all of Aetherius to know the defeat which Antioch had suffered. From this day forward, each passage in and out of the City of Antioch will forever be marred by the presence of Demons and the gate itself serves as a testament of this. And so it is that the once might city of Antioch which possessed six gates was diminished to one.

Penned by My hand on the 13th of Naturalis, in the year 678 AD.