Baar's Demise

Date: 10/5/2012 at 1:31
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Baar's Demise

With what started as some minor admonishing from the self-appointed Lord Creator of Aetherius towards some noisy mortals, the affair quickly escalated into fully-fledged mudslinging and taunting between the divine and demonic pantheons. Led respectively by Baar and Azaoz, the Lord of Demons was His typically sarcastic self compared to the stoic, humorless God of Fire.

Though the Sun God insisted He would not be baited, He clearly was as His choler began to boil when Azaoz began manipulating His ego and sense of entitlement. Due to this matter, the incumbent Creator met His deathly foe within the skies above Aetherius to answer a challenge set by the Demon God.

With the two terrifying beings present above all mortalkind, Azaoz began to wax philosophical, noting Baar's megalomania and the poor love between Him and those of His kind, as well as the mortals He had assumed tyrannical rule over. Having presumably fractured the Lord of Fire's loyalty to His siblings and the mortals who routinely denounced His Ways, Azaoz made His gambit: He invited Baar to join Him, and exact vengeance upon all after pointing out that He was more a demon than a divine.

Lord Baar's conviction to slay the demon won out unquestioningly, much to His character: upon being shaken from His reverie He declared battle and commanded His fellow Divine to charge alongside Him. The similarly Anti-Magick Gods Vahin and Illuminas met His summons where the other Divine did not for various reasons. The Creator clashed with Azaoz Himself, whilst Illuminas met the child-demon Erzabet and Vahin defended His rival and Brother Baar against Aosoth, putting differences aside to fulfill His nature as guardian to the just.

A furious battle commences and the battle looked to be even-sided, with blows matching blows. Eventually the Demon Lord Azaoz fells Baar with His scythe handle and the ensuing shock enabled Aosoth to wound the Protector. It was at this time the witnessing Gods fled the scene, as did Illuminas, leaving only the wounded Gods to fend for themselves.

As Azaoz loomed over the stricken Creator, He bellowed out curses and called all the Gods traitors and fools before being executed, the Demon Lord splitting Him horizontally and slaying Him. During the aftermath, the victorious demon Gods sneered at Lord Vahin, stating that He was not worth their attentions yet, and departed the scene.

Penned by My hand on the 11th of Naturalis, in the year 678 AD.