Eternal Winter

Date: 10/3/2012 at 5:00
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Eternal Winter

While quietly teaching His precepts to His followers, Janus paused and gave instructions to protect Kinsarmar. It seems two of the intruding demon lords had decided to bargain with or harass Antioch, depending on who you asked. Nytid and Aosoth stood outside Antioch's gates, parlaying with mortals and soon with the Lord of Seasons Himself as He rejected their very presence. Some of the Anti-Magickers rejected the Magickal God, but others welcomed the support, standing alongside him as support poured in from across the Realm.

Soon words yielded to combat and a dark mass at the hands of the demons was launched toward Antioch. Janus called forth the power of Spring, Zephyrs springing forth and blocking the attack, much to the irritation of the demon lords. In response they called forth their Lord of Demons, Azaoz, and headed toward Kinsarmar.

Regrouping in Kinsarmar at Janus's Temple there, the trumped up demons continued to taunt both Divine and mortal alike. Again words spilled over into action, this time with the power of three in the dark energy. Janus flew up to meet the attack, shedding His Seasonal form. He called upon the powers of all four Seasons and, using that Power, fashioned Himself into a shield for Kinsarmar. Thus He absorbed the attack, falling to the ground below.

As the demons looked on, confused, and only Azaoz mocking but with no arsenal, Janus returned to His Temple. The Power of the combined Seasons left Wheel of the World spinning violently out of control, the Seasons passing one another quickly and out of order. Knowing what must happen to right the balance, Janus willed Himself into Eternal Winter, the cold echoing across the world.

Penned by My hand on the 16th of Fas, in the year 678 AD.