The Gods Continue to Die...

Date: 10/2/2012 at 19:53
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Gods Continue to Die...

The world has been rocked by the losses of yet more Gods of this plane. Danaglas, in His Divine arrogance, announced that He would seal the demon rift. Descending from the heavens, He examined the rift, but drew too close to the demon plane in His examination and was possessed by one of the powerful Demon Lords. Destroying Danaglas from the inside, Aosoth ripped Danaglas apart and gleefully greeted His new domain.

The next God to fall was Malkav. As a God from this plane who accepted the service of demons Himself, Malkav sought to acquire some new allies. Calling upon the Demon Lords for a truce and a meeting, He was met on a peak in the western Nolmines by Slen and Visyra. After a short negotiation in which Malkav offered His aid in exterminating the lesser Gods in exchange for a place of future power.

The answer of the Demon Lords was one of ambush and betrayal. Leaping at Malkav, Slen gored Him viciously with Her dreadful claws. As Malkav attempted to counterattack, Visyra wrapped Her whip around His neck, causing His feeble strike against Slen to uselessly bounce off. Despite Visyra's attempts to hold Him back, Malkav was still able to spring at Slen, driving Her to the ground and slamming Her head into it repeatedly. Despite the damage He was doing to Slen, Visyra sprung on His unprotected back, spun Him around and cruelly eviscerated Him with her black demon power, finishing Slen's gory work.

Seeing Malkav's fall, and despite the Mad God's foolishness, Zanik hurtled down from the heavens in an attempt to save Him. Although the God of Civilization was too late, He was able to drive Slen further back with successive bolts of golden force. Summoning one last mighty blast to end Slen, Zanik was distracted by a violent attack by Visyra which drove the both of Them to the ground, hidden within Her dark wings. Seeing Her opportunity to flee, Slen disappeared in a green, pestilent smoky cloud.

Seeing that He was outmatched by the greater strength of Visyra, Zanik called out for the aid of His fellow Gods. Knowing that they could not afford to be picked off one by one, Cassiopeia and Janus answered Zanik's call. The Night Mother and the Green Man called upon Their followers to help drive away the demon armies that Slen and Visyra summoned while they both struck out at the Demon Goddess Herself.

Slen, in Her agony and rage, saw an opportunity to strike and took it, reappearing in the fray and striking a glancing blow against the God of the Seasons, as Janus and Cassiopeia each rained blows down upon Visyra in an attempt to drive Her off of the stricken God of Civilization. Screeching in delight, Her attack successful, Visyra flew up on Her dark wings, leaving the ruined form of Zanik behind. As their foe fled, Cassiopeia and Janus turned their attention instead to the injured Slen. Cassiopeia brought an end to the Caretaker Demon, searing Her with the starlight and utterly annihilating any remnant of Her existence.

Four of the supposedly Divine Immortals of this plane have been eradicated, while only one of the Seven Demon Lords has been defeated. The strength of the demons surpasses that of the Gods, and all life hangs in the balance.

Penned by My hand on the 7th of Fas, in the year 678 AD.