The Death of Avasyu

Date: 9/30/2012 at 6:59
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Death of Avasyu

Despite all warnings, the steadfast forces of magick arrived in the demonic stronghold on the 21st day of Letum, in the year 678 AD. Bearing the final soulgem, Sanai lifted it as an offering to the final gate. The offering was accepted, and entry was granted.

Pouring in the newly revealed passageway and up the staircase behind it, the explorers were confronted by a massive rift to the demon plane. Aeorden was the first to attempt to pass though it, and was quickly incinerated. Khizan, Caelya, and Shiln followed suit, but none were strong enough to survive the passage and all three followed Aeorden into death.

With the opening of the final gate, the ancient demonic stronghold finally fulfilled its prophesized purpose. The prisms located in the prime points of the pentagram-shaped complex channeled the gathered power into the rift, widening it and shattering the barriers between the realms. Striding through the strengthened rift came Azaoz, Lord of the Demons.

Expecting an easy fight like the ones that had already transpired, the assembled rift-openers made mockery of the Demon God. Ignoring the bleating of the puny ants, Azaoz thanked the principle architect of his release, Sanai, by sending her to Dis and then strode off to confront His true opponent: none other than the Creator Himself.

What followed was a titanic struggle between the Creator of the universe and His Demonic counterpart. Azaoz summoned 6 of His most powerful generals to aid him in the battle while Avasyu charged in, accompanied only by his two-handed blade. The conspicuous absence of the Gods of the Prime Material Plane remains a mystery. Perhaps they were afraid, knowing that they were truly vulnerable to the mighty Demon Gods? Perhaps they were caught by surprise, and never expected that the mighty Avasyu could fall?

But fall He did. Torn into pieces by the 7 Demon Gods, scattered throughout the cosmos, He who was once the Creator will create no more. The breaking of the planes and the emergence of the terrible Demon Gods has left existence in an unprecedented state of vulnerability. The very Gods of this universe can be killed!

Threatening the destruction of all of the Gods and all living things in the Prime Material Plane, Azaoz and His fellow Demonic Gods departed to plot and plan. The other Gods of the physical plane remain absent. A confrontation looms, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance, while all mourn the loss of the powerful Creator.

Penned by My hand on the 22nd of Letum, in the year 678 AD.