The Demonic Stronghold

Date: 9/27/2012 at 22:12
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Demonic Stronghold

Upon arriving through Rishi's portal to the frozen north, the soldiers of magick quickly explored the area. Tumbling through a large glacial crack, they were confronted by a mighty demon of fur and ice. Informing them of the strange nature of the stronghold, Utoxor the demon told them that the gates of the stronghold were closed, and could only be opened with the soulgems of the assorted demons there.

Utoxor was easily slain, the killing blow earned by Alvetta, his freezing breath providing no real challenge to the assembled champions. Taking his soulgem, they pressed it into the first gate and were granted access to a new portion of the stronghold. Exploring, they discovered a room filled with seven sarcophagi and another room containing a demonic succubus. Iaos the succubus informed her challengers that she would be a stronger opponent than Utoxor, and also that her soulgem would require them to wait before the stronghold powered up enough to open the next gate.

True to her word, Iaos provided more of a challenge than Utoxor but she, ultimately, was defeated and her soulgem was taken. Aeorden was not enticed by her wiles and earned the killing blow. Stored safely (perhaps a bit too safely), the champions of magick did not fully realize the nature of the stronghold and several months passed before they returned with the help of Tomas and successfully used the second soulgem to open the second gate on the 14th of Aequitas.

Once through, they encountered the third master demon of the stronghold. Photh, a demon of shadow, succumbed to the assembled forces and was eventually laid low by Bathan. Sanai took up the third soulgem and promised to keep it safe.

For now that the stronghold is coming to life, so too have the demons and soulgems within it strengthened. The ripples of the soulgem's passage can be felt by any with the clairvoyance to sense it, and the soulgem cannot be as safely stored as its counterpart was.

The shadowy soulgem matches the shadowy gate which bears the faint number "7" etched on it. Tomas thought that it might bear the number "17", but his mind is likely addled by rancid cheese and his musings should almost always be ignored.

While much secrecy surrounds the demonic stronghold, it is now apparent that it is a place of great power. Laid out like a pentagram, prisms within it have begun storing and channeling vast amounts of energy. There have been warnings of a great rift located there, and it is unclear whether it should ever be disturbed or not. Perhaps those who possess the soulgems and open the gates will have the ability to control the rift? Can it be sealed? Or, as forewarned, will the opening of this rift lead to the ruin of the world?

Penned by My hand on the 15th of Aequitas, in the year 677 AD.