Are You My Mother?

Date: 9/27/2012 at 21:54
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Are You My Mother?

Paili, the gypsy girl of Stavenn, presented herself to Ephor Yaribelle and a group of patricians a few months past. She complained of feeling ill and disoriented, to the seeming irritation of Kabaal, Adanedhel and Dicey. It soon became clear that the girl was no longer alone within her flesh but was possessed. The child began to convulse and contort her limbs, and then began to seek out a Mother. Clinging to Yaribelle, in an appeal to the Ephors maternal nature, the thing attempted to insinuate itself. Blood-hungry and maniacal, she wanted to be brought to the Gatekeeper, Rishi, within the Demons Pass. The not-Paili promised that Rishi would allow entrance into the Beyond.

The party quickly encountered difficulties upon presenting the possessed child to Rishi, as the recently constructed demon camp spewed out a raiding party that destroyed the gypsy girl's body. Undeterred, the powerful force possessing Paili forced her body to continue on. Just as Rishi revealed the existence of a powerful, giant rift in the north, the party accompanying Paili was driven off by Aeorden, Khizan, and Sanai. The champions of Kinsarmar slew Rishi, but were unable to damage the possessed form of Paili enough to drive out the force that was controlling her.

Crying out to her Mother, Paili waited impatiently for Rishi's return. The forces of Stavenn returned briefly to try to wait for Paili, but were again driven away by Kinsarmar. Although demons continued to rush out from the camp in the Demon's Pass, the Kinsarmarian warriors were successful again and again at driving them away. They spent some time chatting with Paili, who urged them just to wait until Rishi returned.

When Rishi returned from his temporary exile after being slain, a complex series of negotiations began between the demons and the Kinsarmarians. There was much mockery and posturing on both sides, but in the end Rishi opened a portal to the frozen north. Urging the Kinsarmarians to enter, he enticed them with the promise of being able to seal the great rift which was the source of the recent demon incursions.

Although he was pretending to be sly, the gatekeeper fooled no one. All present knew that the words of the demon should not be trusted, and all knew that they entered an area of great danger. But still the brave combatants pressed on...

Penned by My hand on the 15th of Aequitas, in the year 677 AD.