Slavery in Aetherius

Date: 9/20/2012 at 21:06
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Slavery in Aetherius

The proud cities and councils have encountered much controversy recently, when a group of slavers visited each of them in turn, claiming that they wish to help prepare their defences for, according to them, an impeding invasion from multiple hostile armies.

Celidon has been the first council to receive a visit from a slaver named Lios. He strolled through the gates and demanded a meeting with the leadership of the council, claiming that he has was on the run from the horde patrols and that he had an important proposal for the city. Gurn, Ziat, Sumie, and others met with the slaver for a discussion full of suspicion. The council has strongly rejected the idea of utilising slavery for any purpose and the situation rapidly escalated to blunderbuss shooting and a chase. The slaver was eventually imprisoned in one of Celidon's residences and left to ponder his fate.

Not long after, the city of Kinsarmar also saw a visit of a slaver, one called Isper. A gathering of citizens and allies of the city, including Galt, Justus, Mercer, Alvetta, Arakis, and others, quickly confronted the slaver, and much like their Celidon allies, refused to participate in the slaver's business. Unlike the forest council, however, the city of Kinsarmar gave the slaver an counter-offer initiated by Galt, offering to accept his services if he would abandon his trade and start providing paid workers instead. Isper was left guarded in the city to ponder over this proposal and, after a month of contemplation, accepted.

Not long afterwards, a slaver-woman known as Lotan was intercepted at the Khandava's gates by the faun Mapes, who quickly alerted Aleutia and Kanthari. The meeting that followed could only be described as an interrogation, but the end result was not unlike that in Kinsarmar - Khandava rejected the idea of slavery, claiming slaves to be weak and unreliable, and Lotan eventually agreed to stay in the council as a trainer, not a slaver.

Ithaqua was not overlooked either - Adelena, Zophael, and Calisto encountered a slaver who introduced himself as Orol, and after negotiations was the first to accept the slaver under the proposed terms. This did not last long, though, and Orol, much like those elsewhere, has been forced to abandon his slavery ways.

Shortly afterwards, words got into Celidon that their captive slaver may be willing to reconsider his old ways, and after further negotiations, Sumie has welcomed Lios as a trainer for their recruited workers.

Antioch has been the last city to receive the visit of a slaver - scar-faced Denril met with Castiel and Shaylei and was admitted without any issues, establishing his slaver business inside the fortified walls of the great desert city.

Meanwhile, in Stavenn, the slaver Nigometh convened with the Imperator, Mena, who agreed to support the proposed increase in enslaving efforts, so as to ensure that the Empire does not stay behind.

Where did these slavers obtain their information, and how accurate is it? Were the cities and councils wise in their trust, or will they learn to regret their actions? Undoubtedly all will soon be revealed ... one way or another.

Penned by My hand on the 21st of Fas, in the year 677 AD.