A Daring Rescue

Date: 9/6/2012 at 4:16
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: A Daring Rescue

The interrogation continued. However, unbeknownst to the torturers, a combined strike force of magickers and anti-magickers was being formed. Their intent: to rescue Tomas, at any cost. Gurn frequently contacted Tomas, informing him that his rescue was nigh, attempting to keep the architect from spiraling into despondency.

Tomas's work in the library in Caanae was ransacked and brought to him, and Tomas was forced to recite from his works. Not only were his studies revealed to all those in attendance, but many matters of a personal nature were brought to light. Poor Tomas could only writhe in despair and embarrassment as his captors delighted in humiliating him repeatedly.

As they turned to the last page of information stolen from Tomas's work in the library, the plan to rescue Tomas reached its final stages. Tomas dissembled to his captors, merely attempting to stall them as he waited to be rescued. The plan was simple: The strike force would come to Khandava, enter the square, and disable Lalaith's grip on Tomas. Tomas would then follow Shou who would take to the skies, carrying Tomas to safety.

Alas... the plan failed. Jilly, Mathiaus, Mercer, Ohm, Orius, Suruken, Syranas, Gurn, Risca, and Shou were successful in penetrating Khandava's initial defences and entering Monarch Square. As the cannonballs roared through the air, Shou fell to the city's superior defences. His sacrifice, and the sacrifice of the other brave members of the attacking force was not in vain, however. Just before Shou's death, Lalaith had been paralyzed, and Tomas saw his chance to act.

Reeling in terror, Tomas fled the great square of Khandava. He was pursued, but his sheer panic made him a slippery target and he would not be deterred. As he flailed his way out of the council with Kabaal in quick pursuit, Tomas barely evaded his captors and somehow found himself in the Eor'gahl Encampment. Recovering his wits, he used the knowledge that only one well versed in ancient archaeology could possess and made his way to Celidon, the home of his valiant rescuers.

Begging for sanctuary, Tomas was led to a safe location by Risca. After assuring themselves of Tomas's safety, Risca and Gurn immediately left to complete the second of their daring acts of this encounter. Taking Mathiaus with them, they caught up with Aleutia who was attempting to harvest a shard at Mount Yilun in the Paran Mountains. Their attack was successful, and leaving behind a statue of Aleutia created by Mathiaus's voice, the threesome returned triumphantly to Tomas with the second tablet.

While grateful, Tomas required time to recover from his trying ordeal. He asked his rescuers and champions to keep the tablets safe while he rested. The ancient temple is still firmly held by the powerful undead captains and the mysterious, rumoured weapon of power still lays dormant somehow, somewhere in the temple.

Penned by My hand on the 19th of Tenebrae, in the year 676 AD.