The Second Tablet

Date: 9/5/2012 at 17:04
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: The Second Tablet

After investigating the tablet found in the ruined temple in Karakas beach, Tomas discovered the rough location of another site that would help him decipher the ancient secrets in the temple in the Shaahri desert.

Going to his allies in Celidon, Tomas was greeted by Ziat. Macie, who was protecting the tablet for Tomas, allowed him to verify his discoveries against the information contained on the tablet, informing those gathered with him that another tablet could be found somewhere in the Sodiuar lake.

Many went searching for the entrance to this new site, chief among them Aeorden, Galt, Macie, Risca, Ziat, Mercer and Sumie. After some unsucessful search, Ziat returned to gather Tomas and led him further in a search around the saltwater lake. Mercer and Macie were the first to notice the small strip of land that eventually led to the entrance of yet another ancient temple.

Alas, this ceiling of this temple had long since collapsed, so the efforts of the Deepsmith's sturdy dwarves were again required. Mercer traveled to the Dwarven City of Kaark'krazul to negotiate with Nek. While he was only able to obtain the same terms and conditions that the dwarves had worked under before, Nek himself traveled to the excavation site to ensure that his dwarves were working diligently. Although they were slightly inebriated, Nek found their efforts sufficient and he returned to his home.

The dwarves continued their back-breaking labour, being sufficiently supplied and entertained by citizens of Kinsarmar and Celidon. As the dig site neared completion, however, a Demonic attack squad consisting of Ander, Cadeyrn, Mena, Cordilia, Ahkan, and Aros took control of the excavation. Exhorting the loyal dwarves with their threats and insults, they attempted to ensure that they would control the results of this dig.

Just as the dwarves were nearly completed with their work, a force of archers led by Grantz, Orius, and Enhati attempted to take control of the excavation. Their efforts were for naught, as the Demonic aggressors were able to fend the attacks off. Entering the innards of the temple, they were confronted by an ancient undead troll named Hrutchik. Wielding a mighty mace, Hrutchik challenged the explorers to try to take the tablet he held.

A mighty battle ensued. Hrutchik's mace crushed many heads during the battle, but the Demonic forces were able to fend off the probing attacks of other interested parties and brought the potent troll down. Cordilia landed the killing blow, forcing Hrutchik to drop the second tablet, as well as a powerful ring of vitality.

The second tablet now in play, the Demonic forces brought it back to Khandava. Will Tomas be granted access to the tablet and to the temple in the Shaahri desert to continue his great work...?

Penned by My hand on the 8th of Tenebrae, in the year 676 AD.