Temple Revealed

Date: 9/3/2012 at 4:06
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Temple Revealed

Aided by Kinsarmar, the miners broke into the remaining rooms of the temple, ahead of the Leech Tree. A small army of supporters had gathered and as the last stone was pulled away by the dwarves, the group travelled into the depths of the temple.

They encountered three items of interest. The Stele, a broken altar, and a room of four walls covered with runes.

Meanwhile, Juganothion, who had been plotting with the Horde for many months, opened a portal for the Horde General Onkassus directly in the temple. Streaming through their portal, Onkassus and his army trapped Tomas and the tunnelers in the Stele room. Destroying their meager defenses, the Horde smashed into the room and killed everyone there.

Unable to find the Hammer of the Gods, Onkassus was enraged and continued the slaughter. Gurn mocked Onkassus, telling him he had snatched the hammer and fled. Onkassus ordered his death, which was quickly achieved. Gurn of course did not have a Hammer of the Gods, and Onkassus, realizing a physical hammer did not exist, retreated back to his keep as his remaining forces were whittled away.

As things calmed down, Tomas explored the temple further.

First, it was discovered the Stele was not an original part of the temple. It was fashioned from a rock discovered by the horde. This ancient horde army was the same one that had destroyed Caanae in 100AA. The horde had drug the stone to the temple (which they had discovered). The stone (now the Stele) had foul powers, causing the slain to rise from the dead. Shou was the first to touch the Stele which proceeded to nearly kill him, causing the undead to rise from the ground.

Secondly, the altar room seemed to do very little at this point. Tomas determined it was needed for the creation of the Hammer of the Gods.

Finally, the rune room was of much interest to Tomas. He decided the runes are recipe for creating the Hammer of the Gods. He determined that it would take some time to decipher the walls, and he would need to be left alone for a while.

For the time being, Tomas is working on deciphering the walls of the temple, while the warriors of the land rest, heal, and regroup.

Penned by My hand on the 22nd of Aequitas, in the year 675 AD.