Tomas, Temples, and Dwarves!

Date: 8/29/2012 at 1:29
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: Tomas, Temples, and Dwarves!

Tomas, a wandering self-professed architect and historian, recently met with a group of Kinsarmar citizens near their city. Tomas informed the group that he had learned of a long lost temple, buried beneath the sands in the northern Shaahri desert. In that temple rests the Hammer of the Gods, a weapon so powerful it could wipe the Horde from the land.

Several group members were tentative about the creation of such a weapon and the implications of genocide, even upon the horde. After a short debate, several members quickly scouted the desert, to no avail. Discouraged they returned, seeking assistance in finding the temple. Tomas travelled to the desert but was little help and quickly became lost.

The party set up camp in the Heartlands to allow Tomas time to rest while they scouted the desert. In short time, Galt located the temple entrance. The temple had collapsed and there was no hope in digging it out by hand.

Caelya and Pellerin travelled into Kaark-Krazul and met with Nek in an effort to supply dwarves to dig out the ruins of the temple. Nek agreed at the cost of 2,000 gold per dwarf and whatever supplies the dwarves would need. The dwarves instantly returned to the temple and began to dig.

The dwarves needed motivation and support in the form of alcohol, wood, and shovels. It was also learned that this was not going to be a quick excavation; in fact, it was going to take a few days, it not months.

As the dwarves began their dig, undead horde creatures clawed their way out of the ground to assault the dwarves and those gathered. This was baffling to Tomas, who insisted the temple was built in the first age and lost when the moons shattered, so the horde should have never found this location as they never existed.

It was late in the excavation when the first dwarf finally fell to the undead raids. Shou buried the first dwarf with a flagon of double chocolate ale, clearly his favorite.

The first room was eventually cleared. The miners, Tomas, and fellow adventurers pushed into the second room. The temple appeared to be much larger than expected and the dwarves settled in to continue digging.

Discovering activity other organizations have investigated the temple. Some have offered assistance with a brief truce. Others have attacked those working in the temple.

Many debates have sprung from this incursion. Should they be digging at all? What if there is no weapon? What is the weapon is nothing like Tomas suggests? What is the weapon is used against us? Should we even be attempting genocide? Should the temple just be recovered and forgotten?

Penned by My hand on the 25th of Naturalis, in the year 675 AD.