A Return to the Mist

Date: 8/19/2012 at 21:21
From: Anonymous
To : Everyone
Subj: A Return to the Mist

At the beginning of the month of Bellum, in the year 674 AD, a stirring began within Khandava. Aleutia noticed that Roudimus, the blackthorn treant who brought change and demonic taint to the Council, had moved from where she normally visited him. During her quest to relocate him, Roudimus returned to inform her that he must return to Al'drym Woods to continue his purposes of spreading the taint.

After entrusting his teaching duties to Lyria, Roudimus began the journey back to his home within the tainted woods. As Roudimus moved away from the Council of Khandava, the small animals fled from his presence and the birds took to flight from the trees of Khandava Forest. In his gritty, cruel voice, he announced his whereabouts to Aetherius, leaving all to decide whether or not to follow him into the mists of Al'drym.

A group with intentions of intervening on behalf of the magickal arts including, Ferriter, Abbie, Cerien, Xaric, Alvetta, Sidartha, Caelya, Arakis, Mercer, Galt, and Lelani chose to brave the mists. Though their intentions were worthy, Kari, Shou, Adelena, Yurii found their way to Roudimus first, and began to question him on his intentions to spread the taint. They learned that his original purpose was to train an army to defend against those who would stay the spread of the taint.

Soon after, those who set off from Kinsarmar also arrived and tensions mounted between enemies. As Roudimus was questioned, he cryptically revealed the presence of a second army, not in his command, but in Ottavio's command, a treant leading the crusade to stop Roudimus' army and the spread of the taint. By Roudimus' own admission, Ottavio is said to be boldly holding off the battle of treants until Roudimus can gather more forces. At this, Roudimus paused to rally support for his cause amongst those gathered. The arrival of Kanna proved to be the breaking point between those seeking out Roudimus, and as the young one loudly voiced her intents to join Roudimus and sacrifice herself to spread the taint, she was silenced by those who came to defend the magickal arts.

Amidst the turmoil of the fight, Roudimus clearly made his intentions known to Galt, who asked him to be plain about his intentions towards magick. As the tide turned towards the large group of fighters from the City of the North, Roudimus found himself alone with those who would destroy him.

With a harrowing cry from Lady Caelya Kaeul, she brought her mighty axe down upon Roudimus, and was followed by Mercer, Anastalia, Xaric, and Galt, who laid the treant down with his final blow. Upon his death, Roudimus was whisked away into the mists, off to continue raising his army in some place unknown, leaving the clash of the treants to another day.

Penned by My hand on the 5th of Bellum, in the year 674 AD.