Targetting and alias updates

Date: 8/8/2014 at 19:16
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Targetting and alias updates

We have made some adjustments to the built-in targetting and alias system (HELP ALIAS). This is aimed more at newer players, but anyone is of course welcome to use it.

- The ST/SETTARGET command now defaults to the 'target' target name if none is provided - so you can simply ST ORC or the like

- Target expansion (&target) now works in regular commands as well, not only in aliases

- The term "target" can now be used to your currently set target

- The above means that you can simply ST ORC (or anything), then ATTACK TARGET

- You can now also omit the target entirely, and it'll default to the currently set target. This only works if the target is the last argument of the command - for example, 'garrote bob' can be shortened to 'garrote', but 'dsl bob cigoatoxin aconite' can't

Penned by my hand on the 1st of Vita, in the year 54 AM.