Necromancy classlead changes

Date: 7/23/2014 at 12:44
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Necromancy classlead changes

And finally, here are the Necromancy changes. The basic idea is the same as with Devotion.

- Maximum essence is now 2,000

- Each Necromancy user regenerates 200 essence every 15 seconds while online and not dead or blackwinded (modified by affinity)

- The ESSENCE command now shows exact numbers

- Zydramir journals reduce essence costs by 33%

- All essence costs and gains have been changed to fit into this scale, details below

- Consuming of corpses and hearts had its essence gain adjusted as well

[120] - New soulbind: Absorbing provides a 20% chance to give 20 essence when hit

- Carving and dispeling Malignosis pentagrams no longer costs essence

- Drain transfers 200 essence per tick

- Shrivel costs 20 essence

- Soulstorm costs 30 essence

- Deathaura has no activation cost, but takes 10 essence per tick and player that it hits

- Gravehands reduce maximum essence by 40 per (similar to how rites operate)

- Putrefaction costs 100 essence, and 10 per tick

- Sapience and Vigour cost 150 essence

- Leprosy costs 200 essence and is now faster

- Possess costs 500 essence to establish, 100 to travel

- Vengeance costs 400 essence to activate, and another 400 when it fires; it has no effect if you don't have enough

- Evoking soulspears costs 400 essence

- Evoke bone costs 100 essence per

- Vivisect costs 400 essence, returns 200 back if successful

- Animate costs 600 essence, for players and mobs alike; same for sacrifice self

- Blackwind costs 200 essence to start and drains 20 per tick; automatic essence gain is paused while blackwinded

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Aequitas, in the year 52 AM.