Devotion classlead changes

Date: 7/23/2014 at 12:43
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Devotion classlead changes

Here are the Devotion specific changes. The intent here is to turn devotion into a limited recharging resource, while also ensuring that the more powerful abilities are not spammable - hence the higher costs on Cleansing, Hands, Resurrection, and so on.

- Devotion numbers reworked - maximum is now 2,000

- Each Devotion user regenerates 200 devotion every 15 seconds while online and not dead (modified by affinity)

- The PERFORM ENLIGHTENMENT command now shows exact numbers

- Prayer beads reduce devotion costs by 33%

- All devotion costs and gains have been changed to fit into this scale, details below

- In addition to PERFORM RITES ALL, Devotion users can now PERFORM RITES a b c to perform a chosen set

- Strength purification now has a 20% chance to give 20 devotion when hit

- Lastrites gain adjusted accordingly; bigger mobs give around 50 per

- Rites of prayer now give 500 per attendee

- These Devotion abilities no longer have any Devotion cost: Pause/Unpause, Bliss, Absolution

- Banishment costs 150 devotion

- Hands cost 120 devotion

- Penance costs 200 devotion

- Demoncalm costs 200 devotion

- Force costs 150 devotion

- Flare costs 100 devotion

- Consecration symbols cost 100 devotion per

- Dazzle costs 20 devotion

- Parting costs 100 devotion

- Deliverance costs 500 devotion

- Inspiration costs 50 devotion

- Lustration costs 100 per ingot

- Bracing costs 300 devotion

- Resurrection costs 600 devotion

[149] Redemption costs 1,000 devotion, and drains another 1,000 when it is triggered; if its owner doesn't have enough, Redemption has no effect

- Convergence costs 200 devotion

- Damnation costs 600 devotion

- Imbibing runes is faster and costs 400 devotion; there is no devotional gain anymore

- Laying rites no longer costs any devotion; instead, rites now reduce your maximum Devotion by 40 per rite

- Paused rites do not reduce maximum Devotion

- Conversely, Consumption doesn't give any devotion

- Convocation costs 800 devotion for a successful attempt

- Travelling to a Pilgrimage rite costs 500 devotion

[106] Removing a defence using a Cleansing rite costs 500 devotion

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Aequitas, in the year 52 AM.