Mage classlead changes - part 1

Date: 7/23/2014 at 12:42
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Mage classlead changes - part 1

These changes have been made to the Mage profession:

- Primary / single spells no longer increase attunement by default, unless noted otherwise in the spell description; the secondary spells (Heat, Spray, etc) and the *wreathe crystal actions are the primary means of raising attunement now

- Attunements are no longer cured with plants/focus

- Fire/water and air/earth attunements are now tied together; for example, if the target has any fire attunements and you try to increase their water attune, it'll reduce fire instead; same for air/earth. Effectively you can think of attunements as being on a -5 .. +5 scale, with negative numbers for water or earth, and positive numbers for fire or air

- Attunement no longer causes spells to do more damage by default; some spells still behave differently depending on target's attunement

- Attunement is per-mage (same as Summoner taint)

- Some spells have attunement costs to be usable

- Some spells have been moved around or repurposed, in an effort to separate the two intended main fighting styles of the Mage profession - fire is about direct and burst damage, while water is more about afflictions into damage. Air and Earth provide support effects for these two styles.

Fire spell changes:

- Flamewhip always does the delayed recklessness if used as primary, as long as the target has at least 3 fire attunement when the delayed effect hits

- Dehydrate simply does show salves + dizziness regardless of attunement level

- Swapped the effects of Firecircle and Icicles

- Firecircle costs 3 fire attunement initially, and each subsequent tick drains 2 fire attunement; the spell keeps going as long as the target has enough fire attunement on each tick

- Firecircle ticks don't drain attunement if the target has less than 2/3 health

- Firecircle ticks increase damage by 10% per, capped at 100%

- Flamebolt only gives burning nerves if the fire attunement is 3 or more

- Firewalls only give fire attunement if they were cast by a Mage

- Lavablast costs 5 fire attunement, the max-attunement damage bonus is now standard for the spell

- Lavablast damage is modified by the ongoing Firecircle bonus, if any; the bonus is cleared at cast

- Scourge lasts 5 seconds per fire attunement, and clears it all

- Ignite is now a secondary-only spell that puts the target on fire

Water spell changes:

- Submersion time is now 10s - 0.5s per water attunement

- Swapped the effects of Firecircle and Icicles

- Icicles costs 3 water attunement; the periodic attunement increase remains in effect

- Suffuse used as a primary spell costs 2 water attunement and always gives both nausea and addiction; the secondary one remains unchanged

- Shrapnel damage is affected by water attunement, and reduced by 1 if there's any (note that this still hits allies, so you want to be careful with it)

- Decompose moved to here from Terratheria, costs 3 water attunement and does damage scaling with physical afflictions on target

- New spell: Immerse

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Aequitas, in the year 52 AM.