Final classlead changes - part 2

Date: 7/23/2014 at 12:42
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Final classlead changes - part 2

[92] Bedazzlement (Thespia) now gives masochism as the third option, replacing the "transfix or nothing" one; it also afflicts smartly

[108] Masochism ticks now strip shield, rebounding, and prismatic barriers

[108] Masochism ticks can now occur while off balance or equilibrium, and the damage per hit has been lowered

[109] Myried (Voice) is no longer an aggressive word, and it bypasses deafness

[120] The Spikes soulbind (Deathknight Smithing) changed into a Chilled one, granting fire and cold resistance

[120] New Absorbing soulbind (Deathknight Smithing) which has a chance to give some necromantic essence to its wielder

[120] Strength purification (Templar Smithing) reworked to have a chance to give some devotion to its wielder

[126] Weapon damage formulas reworked; weapons with a low damage stat now hit for substantially less, while high-damage weapons (above 200-220) will hit somewhat harder; additionally, weapon damage now scales more to maxhealth, bringing weapons to par with other attacks in the game

[126] This change only applies to damage against players; bashing damage remains unchanged

[126] Longsword stats improved a bit (damage +2, speed +4) - affects regular ones and artifacts both

[126] Artifact scimitar speed increased by 8, smithing numbers for scimitars changed to yield better results

[126] Damage stat of smithed claymores improved substantially to bring them closer to the artifact ones, which remain unchanged; this will improve existing ones a bit, but the full effect will only be observed in newly smithed claymores

[139] You can now brand someone with a Shamanism mark without using up equilibrium once per 10 seconds

[141] Ground runes and stood totems are no longer triggered upon being unblinded

[141] The cooldown of a flared Wunjo rune (Runelore) is now higher by 6 seconds if it triggers a Nairat rune; if it triggers anything else, the cooldown remains unchanged

[142, 143] Loshre/Nairat flares now block one curing attempt of a specified type, instead of two generic ones, see the ab helps for details

[144] Inhibit (Shamanism) reworked - the attack now gives dizziness + confusion, or lethargy if the target already has both

[147] Affliction curing triggers (Supremacy) are now limited to two - you can still add a different third one

[147] Supremacy Triggers now decay after 40 seconds, and inform their caster what they did

[152] Steal (Curses) reworked, see the ab help for details

[168] Wise statpack adjusted: dex reduced by 1 and int increased by 1

- Nuarinyu (Voice) can now advance from shivering to frozen

- New Druid sketch ability: Lightning (Artistry)

- New Kaido ability: KaiFocus

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Aequitas, in the year 52 AM.