Artifact Information

Date: 7/13/2014 at 5:17
From: Eoghan
To : Everyone
Subj: Artifact Information

Greetings once again!

In order to streamline the artifact experience, I have gone through and added the descriptions to every artifact currently in the artifact list. This means that you can now use ARTIFACT <#> SHOW on any artifact to see the description of that artifact - no more needing to find it in a long help file (though the help files will still be present for convenience of finding many artifacts at once!)

I have also added new optional arguments to the ARTIFACT LIST syntax. You can now specify a maximum and minimum price to your search.

The syntax is as follows:
ARTIFACT LIST [search term] [maximum] [minimum]

- The search term (for example, GEM), can be omitted if you just wish to see all artifacts within your range.
- If a single number is specified, it is used as the maximum.
- If two numbers are entered, the larger will be used as the maximum and the smaller will be used as the minimum.
- Your range must be entered after the search term, if you wish to use one.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. If you notice an artifact description is missing or incorrect, please file a TYPO. If you run into any problems with these changes, please file a BUG report.


Penned by my hand on the 14th of Letum, in the year 52 AM.