Quarterly Literary and Arts reminder

Date: 3/1/2014 at 21:02
From: Sifka, Muse of Tragedy and Song
To : Everyone
Subj: Quarterly Literary and Arts reminder

As a reminder, this is the last month to submit for the Quarterly Art and Literature contest. The instructions for how to submit can be found at HELP QUARTERLY ARTS, and I strongly encourage you to consult them before submitting. You have until midnight GMT time on the last day of this month (March) to submit your work. No late submissions will be accepted, no excuses.

As this is a trial run to judge interest in this sort of regular contest, if there are not enough submissions at the end of this quarter, we will not be continuing further. If there is enough interest as shown by submissions, the next quarter theme will be announced before midnight GMT on April 1st.

We look forward to your submissions,
Ashvani and Sifka

Penned by my hand on the 19th of Ferinus, in the year 41 AM.