Games, Prizes, St Patrick's Day?

Date: 2/17/2014 at 0:13
From: Svorai, the Revitalizing Spirit
To : Everyone
Subj: Games, Prizes, St Patrick's Day?

Did you have fun this weekend playing Lovely games? I sure did!

So, how about we meet again in about a month, St. Patrick's day sounds like a hoot, if you ask me. Some games will be held the weekend of St. Patrick's day (March 14-16) and how about we end it with bloodshed? I know you all love bloodshed.

CTF (Capture the Flag/ HELP CAPTURE THE FLAG) will be held at 00:00 GMT on the 17th of March. For those of you in the US that is 07:00 PM CST on the 16th of March.

More games, more prizes, more fun! Think that is even possible? I do! Hope to see you all there.

For those that won prizes this weekend here are what they can do:

Toy bow:
- PULL BOW for some fun messages

Spiky bal:

Svorai's Heart:

Love Bird:
- Dropped
- Picked up
Will respond to the following emotes:
- hum
- boo
- poke
- wink
- frown
- smile
- peck
- pet
- serenade

Penned by my hand on the 11th of Ferinus, in the year 40 AM.