Quarterly Art and Literary contest announcement

Date: 1/1/2014 at 3:14
From: Sifka, Muse of Tragedy and Song
To : Everyone
Subj: Quarterly Art and Literary contest announcement

Greetings from myself and my sister Ashvani!

We, the muses of Imperian bring to you an offering of contests. Do you fancy yourself the next great writer? Perhaps your fingers dance with quill and sculpture? No matter your creative calling, we want to direct you to an avenue for sharing.

We are renewing the Art and Literary contests of Imperian!

This will be a quarterly contest with DIFFERENT submission guidelines than other contests. I will ask that you direct your attention to HELP QUARTERLY ARTS (HELP 19.14.1) for more information. Any questions of course are to be directed to Ashvani or me. This is a trial run to see if there is indeed interest in a regularly run Art and Literary contest, of course, and if there is enough interest we will attempt to keep them running regularly for quite some time.

Each quarter will sport its own theme, and you will then have three months to create either a piece of art or literature to submit to the contest. At the end of the quarter (Based on GMT time) we will then close submissions, and announce the next quarter's contest. We will then take a month to read, review and vote on the submissions, and announce the winners on the first of the month following the start of the next contest. Art submissions must be images, but they can be photos of a sculpture or other three-dimensional piece, scans of paintings or drawings, or digitally created art. Literary may be poetry, prose, story or other written works. There are additional rules and guidelines for the size and length of both found in HELP QUARTERLY ARTS.

With that, we would both like to announce that the first quarter theme for 2014 is "Newbies/new players." As a welcome to all our wonderful newbies and new players, we would like to see your themed pieces! This can be a story about a newbie, or from your time as a newbie, or a picture of a new player, or mobile from the new intro!

We both look forward to your submissions!

- Ashvani, Muse of Comedy and Epics
- Sifka, Muse of Tragedy and Song

Penned by my hand on the 13th of Halitus, in the year 36 AM.