October classleads, part 2

Date: 10/14/2013 at 20:45
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: October classleads, part 2

The second part of October classleads is now in:

[23] The stupidity affliction now has a single message when it takes effect, instead of forcing various commands; it also shows a room message when cured

[24] Lockup (Warding) reworked - now has a 50% chance of blocking movement, a successful block takes balance

[25] Reduced the effect of the Taming Speed skill on the Seek and Track abilities - this applies to both mounted and regular usage

[45] Evasion effect is now only halved upon actually being prone, not merely paralysed/entangled

[47] Doppleganger internal cooldown timer reduced

[49] Soulburn (Noctu) no longer has a cooldown

[51] Inkburning (Kanai) now shows a message to the attacker when triggered

[53] Purge blood is now available to everyone, at a 35 second cooldown; being Transcendent in Antidotes reduces this to 15 seconds (note: there is no scaling, everyone not Transcendent uses the 35s timer)

[53] Focusing has been moved low in Survival, and a new Transcendent ability has been added - those not Transcendent in Survival will be focusing at 8s, the new ability reduces it back to 4s

[99] Soulquench has been moved from Smithing to Necromancy (Deathknight only)

[108, 128] Rites with an in-room effect no longer work if their owner is more than one room away; applies to: Cleansing, Demons, Healing, Piety, Revitalization, Seance, and Warding

[109] Treant Smash (Desecration) now does damage and optionally allows to specify the limb - if you specify one, it will be hit even if it's already broken

[138] Scourge (Noctu) now lasts longer per taint point spent, and its equilibrium cost has been reduced

- Summoning Naturebinding roots is no longer an aggressive action

- Supremacy users can now use BASILISK DISMISS (not forceable)


Penned by my hand on the 11th of Ferinus, in the year 30 AM.