Mage and Summoner revamps are live!

Date: 9/1/2013 at 19:28
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Mage and Summoner revamps are live!

After several months of work, the revamped Mage and Summoner professions are now live! Thanks go to the beta testers, whose work has been invaluable in making the new skills ready - you know who you are!

Mages now possess the skills of Pyroglacia, which focuses on the elements of fire and water, Terratheria, which focuses on air and earth, and Crystalbinding, which provides some spell modifiers, as well as allows creating of sigils, meteor arrows, and robes.

Summoners' skill names remain unchanged, but the functionality has been altered significantly - Noctu now contains fire-themed spells, as well as spells focusing on aura manipulation. Tarot is mostly the same, with some cards having a different functionality and a few new effects that expand the versatility of the skill. Finally, Enslavery is entirely different - you still form pacts with demon lords, but instead of summoning entities, each demon can grant you a defensive and an active offensive effect.

All those who had the affected professions have received the changes automatically, you don't need to do anything. Should you find that you do not like the changed professions, you can, for the next two weeks, use REGAIN MAGE LESSONS or REGAIN SUMMONER LESSONS to forget the skills and get all the lessons back.

A few other things to be aware of:

- The Intelligent statpack has been changed, and there is a new statpack called Wise - check STATPACKS for details. If you were using the Intelligent statpack, you have received a free reincarnation.

- The Aeon affliction has been reworked entirely, it now causes damage relapses. All mobs that were giving aeon now give the new version; the command-delaying functionality no longer exists.

- The Justice affliction (Tarot, Templar Smithing) has been reworked, it now rebounds 33% of the raw damage instead of applying the modifiers twice; damage type remains the same as with the original attack.

- Enchanted items still exist, but the enchantment on them is gone; created alchemy items mostly exist as well, but they no longer have any functionality, and those that used to not decay now do.

- Darrinic robes can now be worn along with etched ones.

- Bracers of frost now use the DEEPFREEZE command instead of CAST DEEPFREEZE.

- Oxycodone (Toxins), Shield Tap (Shielddance, and Disharmony (Thespia) currently have no funcionality; this will be remedied in classleads, or maybe we'll end up removing the effects.

Should you encounter any problems with the new skills, please report them in the usual way.

We hope that you will enjoy the updated professions!


Penned by my hand on the 9th of Ultio, in the year 26 AM.