September's Tiered Token Promotion

Date: 9/1/2013 at 0:00
From: Jesse
To : Everyone
Subj: September's Tiered Token Promotion

It's September already! Where has the summer gone?

As the last few days of the season pass by, so too goes the credit sale and the giftable credit promotion. Fear not, however, for you know that we always have something new to make your life interesting.

For September of 2013, we will be offering our tiered token promotion!

If you purchase credits from Imperian on our website, you will automatically earn free packages of Tokens of the Creator, which can be used to purchase a variety of unique and interesting items. The number of tokens you will receive based on your credit purchases is:

100 credits: 1 Token of the Creator
300 credits: 2 Tokens of the Creator
500 credits: 3 Tokens of the Creator
1000 credits: 5 Tokens of the Creator
2000 credits: 10 Tokens of the Creator

The token packages stack, so if you purchase 1000 credits, you will receive the first four packages of the promotion, containing 11 tokens. If you purchase 2000 credits, you will receive an astounding 21 tokens.

The tiers at which you receive tokens are also cumulative across the duration of this entire sale. If you purchase 100 credits at the beginning of the sale, you will receive 1 token. If you purchase 800 credits a week later, you will have 900 credits applied to the sale, and will then receive 5 more tokens. If you then purchase 100 credits a week after that, you will have 1000 credits applied to the sale, and will receive an additional 5 tokens, for a grand total of 1000 credits purchased and 11 tokens given to you.

If you want more than 21 tokens during this promotion, you can purchase tokens on another character and transfer the credits and tokens over to your main character.

We've also added some new and exciting things to the token wares this month. First, we have 6 brand new vanity pets. They are:

a gangly golden cria
a tiny crocodile hatchling
a fluffy white bunny
a fuzzy penguin fledgling
an inquisitive little joey
a madcap gator hatchling

These (mostly) cute little animals are bound to give you and your friends many hours of entertainment, as you sit there... and stare at them. No, not really! They also all come with various responses to some commands and emotes. All of these vanity pets will have special messages when they are dropped and picked up, pushed and turned, and will respond to the following emotes: poke, giggle, eye, frown, boo, smile, laugh, and prod.

We're also going crazy with atlas pages this month. All of the previous areas that had atlas pages released have been added back to the token wares, and we've also added the cities, townes, and Caanae. However, some atlas pages are going to cost a little bit extra. The pages for Demon's Pass, the Necropolis, and Caanae will cost 3 tokens each. The atlas pages for all of the townes will cost 2 tokens each, and the atlas pages for all of the cities/councils will cost 5 tokens each.

The TOKEN WARES command has been rearranged to display the wares in order of price. This means that you'll want to pay careful attention when choosing what you want to buy. However, since the list has gotten so long and I get frequent messages from people who have accidentally purchased a customisation token, I've also added a confirmation step when purchasing token wares, so that you can be sure not to purchase the wrong item. In addition, the wares list has been enhanced with MXP commands, making it easy for you to click your way to purchasing. If you're not using a client that offers MXP... you're doing it wrong. MXP is amazing.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or have any trouble at all, and I'll be happy to help. Enjoy!

Relevant commands:

- See the list of items available for sale.
TOKEN SHOW <token #>
- See information about a specific item.
TOKEN PURCHASE <token #> [<area id>] [CONFIRM]
- Purchase a token item.
- Trade one of your Tokens of the Creator to another player.


Penned by my hand on the 15th of Aequitas, in the year 26 AM.