Issues and Stuff

Date: 7/25/2013 at 22:23
From: Jeremy
To : Everyone
Subj: Issues and Stuff

I came home to a ton of issues, which I am still trying to get through. Here are my thoughts on the patterns I am seeing.

1. You cannot kill member of an organization, just for being a member of that organization. You can declare a war all you want, but they still must give you a reason to kill them. That is one of our few, locked in stone, PK rules.

2. Players have to be moving guards with the purpose of attacking you while you are raiding for me to even consider this a reason to kill them. The burden of proof will be on you for this. I know it is shocking, but people actually walk around their cities, not moving guards. You can also not kill people setting up their guards while nothing is going on, that is really lame.

3. Killing players at Aryana's Spring (after they resurrect) is lame. Only lamers do it.

4. Smack talking gets you killed. I love smack talk, just don't be upset when it kills you and then smack talk some more. I remember playing Achaea and smack talking. Got me killed a lot! If you are going to talk crap, just make the smack talk worth the death and it is alllll good. (remember the language rules please)

5. Some newbie from a city attacks you because the group he is with is after you. You punish him for his insolence. Yeah, a little fun, ultimately lame. Don't be lame. Killing newbies without a clue is lame.

6. Once again, you cannot abuse snub. Snubbing someone and then using market to talk to them... lame, but not issuable.

7. If you swear in the game yourself, please don't issue other people for doing it. It is just a thinly veiled attempt to get someone in trouble for doing something you do yourself. And once again, quite lame.

8. Appending a - I am sorry someone had to issue this and waste your time - to the end of an issue does not win you any points.

Remember none of these are rules (except number one). They are guidelines, so do not quote them in future issues (another thing people try to do). You are playing a game where players kill each other and factions hate each other. Do not be surprised when you die, someone talks smack about you, or anything else like that. This is a conflict game, not a peace and love game.

- also -

Thinking about some XP changes based this massive batch of issues I am working on. Read and comment here:

Penned by my hand on the 2nd of Ultio, in the year 23 AM.