UStream Rescheduled

Date: 7/19/2013 at 22:14
From: Jesse
To : Everyone
Subj: UStream Rescheduled

Due to technical difficulties, today's Ustream broadcast with all of the IRE producers, including yours truly and Jeremy, as well as Matt Mihaly, the CEO, has to be rescheduled. UStream is having troubles with the chat rooms today, and there's no point in us streaming if you guys can't participate.

We're all very disappointed here, because we wanted to chat with you guys, show us how much fun we're having, and talk with you about our games. Jeremy even had a wizard robe and hat that he was going to wear on cam. We blame Ustream and are all very angry.

The new stream will be on Sunday, July 21st, at 19:00 GMT. For those of you on the west coast of the US, that will be noon. For those of you on the east coast, that will be 3 PM. For those of you elsewhere in the world, type TIME and do some math.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend that broadcast, as I will be on my way home. I'm sure you are all sad that you won't get to see my handsome mug, but Jeremy will still be around. Make sure to ask him about his wizard robe and hat.

Again, we apologize profusely. We really wanted to do this when we would have lots of people around so you could feel like you were a part of things.

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Naturalis, in the year 23 AM.