Building Work Update

Date: 6/20/2013 at 16:47
From: Jeremy
To : Everyone
Subj: Building Work Update

Just as a heads up, we have completely redone nearly all of the newbie areas over the last couple of months. A couple of them are substantially different. It should not really affect any current players, so this is just a heads up not to freak out should you hit the intro in the future.

A couple bigger changes:

1. Poacher Camp was renamed to the Deadwood.
2. All the areas have quests just helping one side now. Previously you could help the other side in the area, but that made no sense as players were sent to an area based on their city/council.
3. All areas now have 13 or more quests that can be done, per area.
4. All areas have spawners to make sure there is enough to kill.

There are some other minor changes, but those are the main ones. We are now looking at updates for all of the following lowbie areas.

1. Goblin Village
2. Transk
3. Agletak Cavern
4. Amoran Anthill
5. Anaelith Caverns
6. Baneward Keep
7. Blighted Hallow
8. Booming Dunes
9. Caanae Areas
10. Chorsha Underground
11. Heartlands
12. Ironwood Grove
13. Kobold Settlement
14. Khuno Acropolis
15. Manticore Caves
16. Nagmara
17. Nogba Wetlands
18. Orc Training Camp
19. Ravana Gorge
20. Riksha Hills
21. Redcap Caverns
22. Redwood Cottens
23. Schrov'ik
24. Shipwreck Camp
25. Shulgaran Dunes
26. Sodiuar Lake
27. The Dregs
28. Veiled Chaparral
29. Wreck of the K'teire

These areas will not get as major revamps as the newbie areas, but we will make it easier to find them, clean up the maps, add spawners, rewrite mob code for quests to use the mob dialog system, add new quests, and a few other things.

We will also be slowly redoing some of the endgame areas over the next couple of months. We will announce changes to those areas as we run through them.

Have fun!

Penned by my hand on the 7th of Tenebrae, in the year 21 AM.