New artifacts!

Date: 5/21/2013 at 20:36
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: New artifacts!

We have just added a bunch of new artifacts, details as follows!

A liturgical symbol (250cr)
- repurposed symbol of Avasyu, if you had that one, it has been automatically changed
- reduces all ritual belief and faith costs by 25%

A pair of Renascent Armguards (300cr)
- these armguards allow you to store all your defences, then instantly recall them. Ideal to raise all your necessary combat defences instantly, without any delays! Restoring defences can only be done once per 60 minutes.
- TWIST ARMGUARD: stores all (allowed) defences in the armguard. Clears any previously-stored defences
- UNTWIST ARMGUARD: releases defences
- TAP ARMGUARD: restore saved defences. Does not delete saved defences. 60 minute cooldown.
- Note that certain defences, especially momentum-based defences, are excluded - engage, most of Kanai, shield tattoo, numbness, or kai deliverance.

A silver knife (200cr)
- Ideal for all the trophy hunters, thus knife allows you to cut off ears from player corpses!
- Once you have 5 or more ears, you can create a necklace from the trophies, and then add more as you acquire them
- The necklace decays in 30 RL days, but adding new ears to it resets the timer back to 30 days - you can get the ear count quite high if you keep them coming regularly!
- The necklace can be worn, and the short description (visible on LOOK <player>) includes the ear count
- The created necklace -can- be kept safe in stockrooms and similar locations
- Usage: CUT EAR FROM <corpse>, FASHION TROPHY NECKLACE (the same command both creates it and adds more ears)

A headshrinker's kit (200cr)
- This kit provides everything necessary to shrink decapitated heads, significantly extending their decay time. Usage: SHRINK HEAD

A truesilver pike (50cr)
- Heads piked upon this pike do not decay and cannot be removed - the pike remains erected until its owner uses BECKON ARTIFACT <id>.
- Additionally, the description when piked includes your name for everyone to see!

Shamanic Gloves (600cr)
- While worn, these gloves increase the power of Wytch curses and Shamanism Marks by behaving as if your target was affected by one extra curse.
- This increases damage caused by burning Marks, allows Marks to automatically ignite sooner and last longer once burning, as well as reduces the time needed to activate the Mark of Marduk.

A polished bone hammer (200cr)
- Having this hammer in the inventory doubles the amount of bone dust gained by the Wytch when crushing bones.

A rainbow-colored sieve (250cr)
- Carrying this multi-colored sieve allows a Wytch to colorize bone dust without needing inks.
- Additionally, colorizing bone dust takes no balance!


Penned by my hand on the 17th of Artificium, in the year 18 AM.