ToA 2013: Arts Winners

Date: 5/3/2013 at 3:20
From: Jesse
To : Everyone
Subj: ToA 2013: Arts Winners

1st: Saivash with "The Blight Persists"
2nd: Aleutia with "Sammi the Salamander"
3rd: Arienne with "The Warrior and the Dragonfly"
4th: Lionas with "Olanre is so great"
5th: Aulani with "A Myth of Samaos"
6th: Alesud with "Undying Faith"
7th: Tsinghahla with "Madness, in Memoriam"
8th: Skye with "Goodbye?"
9th: Argentum with "Hope fallen and found"
10th: Ziat with "The End of the Age of Desperation"

All of the Bardic entries (except for "A Myth of Samaos") can be found

on the web at

1st: Rowynn with "Olanre of the Leechwood"
2nd: Aleutia with "Not All Jackals Howl"
3rd: Alesud with "Night Has Fallen"
4th: Saivash with "Olanre & Her Woodlings: Khandavan Heroes"
5th: Ahkan with "The Entities of Imperian"
6th: Arienne with "In Peace and Love"
7th: Skye with "Water Lily for Lianthe"
8th: Lixan with "An innocent entity"
9th: Darin with "The Wild Huntress"

All of the Artisanal entries can be found on the web at

1st: Saivash with an equipment set of the Leechwood
hornbow263852 platehelm43739 fullplate32166
2nd: Lionas with some headgear for woodlings
platehelm156083 hat76726 glasses101095
3rd: Skye with some Lianthe-inspired jewelry
bracelet39757 necklace37593 hairpin36076
4th: Karyn with some Conquest-inspired containers
pack296933 satchel296929 vialbelt296960
5th: Aleutia with an outfit themed after the late Nemesis
fullplate192624 veil266862 coat142587
6th: Arienne with an outfit themed after the late Shallah
dress333555 pendant90174 earrings84034
7th: Alesud with some Cassiopeian jewelry
armband337546 bracelet337544 ring272723
8th: Risca with an Asakan priestess outfit
bliaut95654 circlet130846 rosary161455
9th: Ziat with an Asakan hunter's outfit
cloak257424 mask54301 scarf305565
10th: Katalina with a series of items denoting her faith
armlet308635 rosary37781 talisman112301

1st: Zarim with a set of commemorative headstones
gravestone23895 gravestone78000 gravestone138214
2nd: Saivash with a set of Olanre-themed beverages
cup190712 cup81628 cup189244
3rd: Skye with a set of religious items devoted to the Celidonian Pantheon
brazier190059 statue236483 tapestry257965
4th: Sekhir with a set of Wrath-themed weapons
scimitar42990 dagger44107 hornbow51833
5th: Aleutia with the trappings of a private sanctum to Nemesis
bench264158 brazier267025 statue223592
6th: Lionas with a Woodling meal
cookie274118 pastry134226 cup333394
7th: Ozreas with the weapons and shield of a Vahinite and Conquest follower
broadsword49382 broadsword37161 buckler30137
8th: Arienne with a set of Shallah-themed furniture
bed333299 table337625 armoire30942
9th: Alesud with the arms of a devoted Cassiopeian
broadsword133736 kiteshield194078 lantern48387
10th: Landry with some symbolic items in homage to Cassiopeia
gown142003 pack141854 vial136600

All of the winning tradeskill items can be found in Caanae, in the rooms "A gallery of exquisite design" (for wearable items) and "A commemoration gallery" (for usable items) in the library in the southwestern part of the ruins.

Penned by my hand on the 18th of Vita, in the year 17 AM.