Date: 5/1/2013 at 15:09
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Learning

We have significantly redone how learning of skills is done in Imperian. Having to spend hours to learn your new skills to Transcendent was maybe 'realistic', but it certainly wasn't very interesting - and so it's gone!

- Learning sessions are now instant, with a 6s equilibrium cost instead - that's 9 times faster than previously, meaning you can now learn a skill from Inept to Transcendent in less than 6 minutes (assuming you have the lessons, of course!)

- Learning from mobs and players has been equalised - you can learn 30 at a time from both (or more, if you have unlocked a certain shard skill ...)

- Learning from players no longer requires the 'OK' step

- You can now omit the lesson count when learning - LEARN <skill> will have you learn just enough lessons needed to reach the next ability in the skill. You can still use LEARN <lessons> <skill> as well. Skills that have no abilities (Evasion, miniskills) require you to enter the lesson count still (to prevent potentially costly mistakes).

- Learning from tutors no longer requires typing its name - simply LEARN <skill> and the game will use the tutor if there's one. Learning from players still requires the FROM <name> part.

- Guild tutors now teach general skills, and city tutors teach profession skills of their circle all the way, not only up to Skilled

- Taekate is now learned in the same way as anything else - the kata requirement has been removed. Katas themselves remain if you want to do them, but they don't have any effect on anything

- The flavour messages from learning are sadly lost - but they weren't really worth keeping anyway!

- Relearning has seen the same change (so you can simply RELEARN <skill> at a tutor), with a difference that each relearn takes 10 seconds instead of 6 - this means that you can now relearn a profession in 3 minutes, or 30 seconds if you have the token scroll.

- As the value of the scroll (TOKEN SHOW 37) has changed, send me a message if you want a full (10 tokens) refund on it.

Please report any problems in the usual way.


Penned by my hand on the 7th of Tenebrae, in the year 17 AM.