March classleads, part 9

Date: 4/9/2013 at 18:28
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: March classleads, part 9

The final set of classlead changes is now live! The remaining approved reports (129 and 155) will need to wait for another time.

- Hunt (Malignosis) has been reworked, see the ab help for details; artifact daeggers have a shorter cooldown by 0.5s per level

- Autocuring now supports configurable priorities for most defences; elixir-based ones are omitted, as they are on separate/no balances

- Ourobori (Malignosis) are now customisable - the customisation persists between summonings and deaths of the demon

- Hypochondria (Hypnosis) is now cured by mandrake instead of kelp

- New Kanai ability: Prepare

- Simulacrum (Noctu) now resists 10 times more damage from mobs before falling apart; damage from players remains unchanged

- Soulstorm (Necromancy) reworked

- Undeath now shows in score and room player description (The undead form of ...) even if not using a Necromancy class - it has no actual benefits in this case


Penned by my hand on the 8th of Ferinus, in the year 15 AM.