Giftbag promo changes

Date: 4/5/2013 at 21:38
From: Garryn
To : Everyone
Subj: Giftbag promo changes

The giftbag promotion has seen some changes! Previously, you would get one giftbag for every 100 credits bought, and one for purchases smaller than 100 credits. Not anymore!

As the above approach led to most people just buying the 10 credit packages repeatedly, we have decided to alter the promotion to give out a giftbag for every 10 credits purchased instead. That means that if you buy 100 credits, you get 10 giftbags, and if you buy 1000 credits, you get 100 of them! That's going to take a while to open ...

And that's not all! Soulstones (see HELP GIFTBAG ARTIFACTS) can now be found in the giftbags as one of the possible items, and the probabilities of the various items appearing in the items have been rearranged.

If you have bought any bags during the last five months, you have been retroactively given the difference. Enjoy!


Penned by my hand on the 16th of Letum, in the year 15 AM.